Video Demo and Tutorial of Master Record

Very useful mastering tool for getting that warm analogue tape feel from way back when...the time that men were men and studio engineers were stressed...they would spend hours getting rid of tape saturation and all the other imperfections that come with recording with tape...strange to think that we now want it back..


  • Wow another great demo. You always make me wanna buy apps I've previously not considered. I used to think all I needed was Auria's mixing board to finalize a tune. Do you think this give it more of a polished studio feel to a given track? I need all the help I can get!

  • @NoiseHorse: Master Record isn't particularly for polishing a track. You should use Audio Mastering by the same developer for that. Master Record is meant for giving your recordings that old analog tape feeling, which it does very well.

    I use Master Record in the Audiobus effect slot, to beef up some of my synths with the tape saturation. It can sound really great on the right synth presets.

    I really like both of these apps and look forward to updates and Igor's next apps.

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