Extend AudioBus protocol to allow querying of MIDI patchlist+map of any instrument/synth app

Extend the AUDIOBUS protocol so any app can QUERY a particular synth app that has presets and supports MIDI program change commands - over the AudioBus protocol for all of its preset names and MIDI map in order to be able to present a choice -list of the presets to the user WITHOUT the user having to switch into the synth app - and then switch patches from the "CLIENT" app. The client app could be a DAW - some MIDI composition tool, an arpeggiator, anything that sends MIDI to and "plays" external instrument apps.

So imagine I am using Fugue Machine and am sending MIDI on one of its tracks to Animoog. I want to be able to stay WITHIN the Fugue Machine screen but switch between and audition/select different Animoog patches while inside Animoog.

Oe could even use a dedicated Patch Change app - that handled MANY different instruments but had a uniform interface for browsing and selecting presets. Irrespective of the instrument app itself.

This helps in so many ways Each synth app has its own place and GUI method for choosing sounds but having ONE consistent way to browse presets irrespective to the app would be nice.

This is ideal for DAWs or any app where one is doing some composing or needs to audition and switch sounds without switching screens all the time.

If some kind of metadata standard were adopted for the protocol - then extra useful information could also be communicated - such as instrument type or category , "tags", whether it is rhythmic, melodic, chordal, pad etc etc.

Basically the kind of information that the Native Instruments NATIVE CONTROL STANDARD does for its plugin range and keyboards..... a consistent way of selecting sounds ACROSS instruments.

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