Song of the Month Club - March 2017

What is the Song of the Month Club?

It's a place where musicians come to give and receive feedback on their work. Anyone is welcome, whatever their level of ability.

The spirit of the club is to contribute: if you submit a song for others to comment on, you should also have the courtesy to listen to everyone else's contributions and give as much feedback as possible. Posting a track and not listening and commenting on others is not cool.

The purpose of feedback is to be honest. Essentially you should give your truthful impressions of the song, whether good or bad. Negative feedback, if done in the right spirit and with courtesy, can be the most useful and can help the artist to grow and improve and correct their mistakes.

All submissions are welcome, don't hesitate if you want to contribute. Instrumentals are fine, but songs with vocals are even better. A bad vocal is better than no vocal, so if you are thinking of experimenting with vocals this is a good place to get started.

We ask that you only post one song per month in this thread - if you're lucky enough to be able to produce more, then please just submit your strongest material



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    Distinct lack of goth metal ballads on here recently so we thought we would do something about that. So turn the volume up to 11 and dye your hair purple. Let's Rock (although its does start off a bit quiet). >:) >:) >:)

  • @orchardman said:
    Distinct lack of goth metal ballads on here recently so we thought we would do something about that. So turn the volume up to 11 and dye your hair purple. Let's Rock (although its does start off a bit quiet). >:) >:) >:)

    Nicely done @orchardman. I'm not a metal Ballad type of person( being a House Head/Reggae Dub Monster type) but I really enjoyed that track. ;)

  • More Deep Soulful House........ Enjoy! :)

  • wow, the orchardman track is really good, liked

  • Sounding very good— those vocal treatments have improved leaps. I think you've pretty nearly hit the mark with what you're going for there.

    A couple niggles:

    When the drums come in at :45, I didn't like them just being on the twos, as they follow too lock step with the piano. Maybe if the HH were turned up a bit it would have helped, but I think I'd like an off beat here and there, with some variation in velocity. Plus, the snare was too sharp, at least in my setup. Some more reverb, maybe?

    Second, the piano was distractedly prominent when the solo comes in at 1:30. I guess you turned it up to account for the overall volume, but I think it could safely hide away in the mix and let the guitars take over for a while.

  • I don't know if you meant to, but the chorus sections in the latter half, such as at 4:15, jump out at me as they don't seem to be in tune with the music. Oddly enough, this is my favorite part. I am an odd duck.

    I wish I had some other comments for you, but I just don't ride this genre train. It does sound very professional.

  • Here`s my 2 Cents, perhaps not so modern ;-) Auria , Funk Drummer and Yamaha Montage

  • @orchardman good job on this one, I think you've got it made, were you guys work together I work alone.... And my girl doesn't appreciate things like I do or share the same excitement about a new app and so om

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    @orchardman nice intro, really suited the genre you're aiming for. Liked the atmospherics while still keeping mix clean. Agree with @aaronpc that guitar could have perhaps stood alone a bit more at 1:40, but minor quibble in a fine sounding tune. Panned guitars just prior to 3 min sounded really cool. Could only be more authentic if you get piercings, mascara and dye the hair black. Great job!

    @studs1966 I'm slightly hungover listening to this on a sunday arvo and its hitting the spot nicely. Seamless integration of vocal, love the waah sounds around 1:15, likewise faux horn sounds around 2:30. Production spot on, if I'd heard this on the radio it wouldnt have sounded out of place, well done.

    @trackedout love the vocal style and the jangly slightly lo fi guitars on the intro section. Ive enjoyed the vocals on your last few tunes, they have a sort of nonchalance to them - these are the best I've heard from you, they sound great in the mix. Big smile on my dial when the distortion hit around 0:40. Great use of dynamics across the track, love how it builds, backs off then hits you in the face. Fantastic guitar work also, would love to know what apps you ran these through. Really like this tune, great job!

    @Franketti I was driving yesterday and the James Taylor Quartet came on (i originally grabbed JTQ as they do a cracking version of led zeps no quarter but I've come to enjoy some of their other tunes also). Your tune has the same sort of positive energy as JTQ and your playing is great. I know very little about the genre you've had a crack at, but it sounded pretty good to me, well done.
    Edit: It was whole lotta love, not no quarter (d'Oh!)

    My tune for March has its lyrical origins in a camping holiday i did in January. Family and I were eating fish n chips and I told em I wanted to do a song about camping, fishing and surfing. So we did some word association over dinner and it eventually turned into this (any innuendo is all mine tho :) ) Oh yeah, i tried to actually sing in this one, and not in a half arsed way. There's some bum notes in there & some I just couldnt hit, but hopefully still worth a listen.

  • @richardyot
    Wow, really nice package.

  • @Blipsford_Baubie said:
    Wow, really nice package.

    We try our best here at SOTMC

  • & they do an excellent job of it too..........

  • @marliess , cool Songs.Wish I could sing like you .How do you make your drum tracks?

  • This month's rock contribution...enjoy!

  • @marliess, nice clean production and tight song...shades of Devo.

  • @Franketti brilliant song, makes me wanna go to Harlem. For some reason I get a casino big band big money type of vibe. Great pies no solos although maybe you could have changed the style of one of them to make it feel like two players. And I'd like to brighten up your main vocals.. Maybe a little dull for me... That's just me good job

  • @technemedia I like the melody a lot.. I like how this month has started off here at the forum, great efforts by everyone so far. I like your voice this style fits just right for your that a phaser you got going there . Kept me interested and playing it again

  • @Franketti said:
    @marliess , cool Songs.Wish I could sing like you .How do you make your drum tracks?

    Thanks mate! I tend to jump around between drum apps...this month's song used sessionband, previous couple of months used cubasis (midi loops) and diode-108 respectively. In terms of process, i create drum loops for verse, bridge, chorus, & then use them to lay out the entire song sequence. I usually do this without guitars/bass in the project as it forces you to include interesting variations in the drums via fills, intensity changes etc. Once the instruments come in, the first listen gives a pretty good guide as to which parts of the drums work and which arent there yet.

  • @technemedia said:
    This month's rock contribution...enjoy!

    @technemedia: love the way the vocals lead the tune, really catchy and cool lyrical themes. Great guitar tone too, the solo was sensational (with some great bass work sitting behind it), and the jangly guitars around 2:20 were beautiful. Really strong tune. Thanks for having a listen to my tune too.

  • @petermcclard

    Great song, spirited delivery and very good guitar solo (Rundgren-esque !), as well as intelligent lyrics.

    It has to be said though, there's a fair number of (technical) issues with the mix / voice pitching / timing. But the material is the strong point :smile:

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    They say, when you fall of your horse it is important to get back on it as soon as possible, otherwise you may never ride again. So, here I am again. A new month, a new song. Again, I am not a musician and i have zero musical training, but I love creating "something" with Ipad apps. I value all the comments and criticism of the esteemed musicians who post their excellent work here.

  • This is my contribution for March - Gadget meets Geoshred!
    A rubbery bassline from Berlin and a simple beat from London form the basis of this track. I looped the beat and bassline and then jammed out a bunch of phrases/licks/note bends/etc. in Geoshred and recorded into AUM, chopped out a few of the best bits, and then loaded several into a few Bilboa instances. A few other Gadgets were added as I fleshed things out from there.

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    I'm going try and do this as we go along this month rather than leaving it all the last minute;

    @studs1966 great beat to start off with and some nice smooth sounds in there as well. I think it needed the drums dropping out a bit earlier just to break it up a bit and maybe the whole thing could have been shortened a little.

    @trackedout I liked this one a lot. Some nice guitar sounds and I loved the fuzz bass. Also some great manic drum playing there at the end.

    @franketti brilliant stuff. Nice jazzy vibe with some great playing in there. I liked this a lot.

    @marliess great song with a nice production on the instrumentation. It's good to hear you singing although I did struggle to make out the lyrics at some points especially the chorus bit where you had the two vocal tracks on top of each other.

    @technemedia I am guessing the production style is very deliberate as you have delivered a much cleaner sound in the past. On first play I wasn't sure whether it worked but I played it again and it does fit the overall vibe of the song. I would have liked to had that great lead break a bit higher in the mix but overall great job.

    @Bobbejaan loved the atmospheric piano playing but I am not sure the distorted synth sound actually added anything.

    @halftone nice atmospheric piece, I particularly liked the introduction and the guitar sound you used at the end, its a pity you didn't use more of that earlier.

  • @igneous1, thanks for your comment and advice. I will revisit the mix with both your and @orchardman 's excellent thoughts in mind as I'm unsatisfied with the mix and voice/pitching (and timing as well). I sort of approach my production like software anyway so I'll make a 2.0. I feel like this was the demo version. Hey, all my songs are "the demo version" until I get a real engineer/producer who knows how to do the audio magic and tells me "you can do a better take." Self-recording/mixing is a cool challenge though.

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    My new song, a ballad called "Enseada". Enjoy the listening, and have a nice week

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    Tonight I'll post some feedback to this month's songs.

  • @orchardman said:
    Distinct lack of goth metal ballads on here recently so we thought we would do something about that. So turn the volume up to 11 and dye your hair purple. Let's Rock (although its does start off a bit quiet). >:) >:) >:)

    Great vocals and delivery - I like how it starts out pretty and quiet, but gets heavy later on. Personally- I felt the guitar solo didn't quite fit and was a little weak compared to the quality of the rest of song.

  • @studs1966 said:
    More Deep Soulful House........ Enjoy! :)

    standard vocal house music - I like the pulsey synth bit's that come in around 1:16. Is this the same Kim Wild who did You Keep Me Hangin On back in the day? Either way, the vocals are perfect for this type of song/production.

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