Using AUM or audiobus to toggle routing of audio interface channels


I'm a new enthusiast iPad musician and I'd like to validate if my setup idea can work.

Basically: I use iConnectAudio4+ to run a drum machine through channel 1/2 and a synth on 3/4 and use flux:fx as a master effect for this hardware setup, which works perfectly so far (and is a load of fun B) ).

What I'd like to add to this setup is a way to route my channels so that I can:

  • Choose to process either all channels (1/2 + 3/4) or only 1/2 (ie. have fx on the drum machine but not on synth)
  • Be able to setup some midi control to switch between these two modes from a midi controller

Flux:fx doesn't seem to support selecting channel (it defaults to having all of them with no choice).

From reading AUM manual, I have the feeling I could achieve my setup with it, but I'd like to make sure before shelling out money on it. So my questions are:

  • Anyone with experience doing such a thing? Is it doable?
  • Can that kind of switching between routing happen without any audible glitch? Is there usually a delay or is it pretty much instantaneous? (ie. My goal is to be able to switch that routing when performing live.)
  • Would multichannel audiobus be a possible solution for this as well? (I haven't been able to figure it out from the sparse documentation)

Thanks a lot for any tips!


  • AUM is the on.y way. Audiobus has no channel routing automation.

    It would be a litle complex to set up both scenarios. First, create AUM lanes for both scenarios. Second, use an interface builder app like TB Midi Stuff and create two buttons where each sends two MIDI CC messages, different CCs for each scenario, with all off or all on messages values. Then using MIDI Routing in AUM learn these to the appropriate mute buttons on the scenario lanes. I'm not at home right now, won't be till tomorrow, or I would build screen snaps to illustrate this better.

    tip: I use my iPhone for the buttons and send to iPad via Bluetooth connection. MidiFlow comes in very handy here too, could even take over some of the heavy lifting from TB.

  • Cool, I have a midi controller that can send multiple cc from the same control, sounds like I could make it a work this way.

    Thanks for confirming, I'll try it out!

  • It's working perfectly, no glitch at all!
    Thanks again!

  • @JohnGredin said:
    It's working perfectly, no glitch at all!
    Thanks again!

    John you will discover that AUM always shows us new things.

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