Fender Slide iOS Interface $30 today at MF


I've never used one but I'm tempted to just grab it at that price. Anyone have any experience with it?


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    You might have to be the one to get some experience and report back. I had not heard of it before now.

  • Personally I always thought I would rather go for something with mic option also... if I were to need a compact 1-in audio device. Like this:

    Alesis Core 1 | 24-Bit Inline USB Audio Interface with Cubase LE Download https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IBJ6NSU/ref=cm_sw_r_tai_uV3SybW9BHEMT

  • The reviews seem OK, it's probably a "good enough for the price" kind of deal.


  • A damn sight cheaper than a Sonic Port VX. While I love all the extra options the VX provides (condenser mic, field mic, stereo outs, headphone out to bypass the built-in headphone jack), the only extra feature I use is the headphone out for mixing/mastering with phones.

    If I didn't already have the VX, I'd be tempted to grab this alternative for 3 Alex Hamiltons :sunglasses:

  • wimwim
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    Sez $79 now. :/

    Too bad, it would have been a cheap alternative for my iRig Pro if I replace my phone with one that no longer has a headphone jack.

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    @bether said:

    Interesting video, thanks for posting it. No great differences in my opinion. I have the Line 6 Sonic Port. If I had to chose from the three, I would probably pick the Apogee, perhaps the most natural sounding. But not by far to my ears.

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