Any hope for the TNR-i app support?

I once bought a used Tenori-On (White), and although I loved it, I couldn't justify the cost. Luckily, it exhibited a short in the backlight, so I was able to return it.

Then the app dropped, and I love it a lot, but I'm dying for an easy way to integrate it into my workflow. It's a pretty solitary app.

Has Yamaha expressed interest in Audiobus integration?



  • there's always hope. I think a lot of us were surprised that some of our favorite apps got on the bus as fast as they did. definitey contact the developer and show your interest.

  • Yeah... It's easier for the Audiobus crew to simply confirm Y or N. If Yamaha didn't, then it's time to solicit them, but a much faster reply is to be found right here.

  • That's incorrect. We can't confirm anything before the developer in question has done so first.

  • Take on me... take me on!!! ( couldn't resist. Ah ha! )

  • I'll beeeeeeeeeeeee yooouuuuuuurrrrrrssss......

  • Can you at least tell us if they've expressed any interest in the API?

  • I don't think he can, @The_Unflattered , I believe any info you want on any developers progress with Audiobus has to come from that developer. I know it sucks cause you know he knows and just won't tell you but from his point of view it makes a lot of sense. :-)

  • There's a lot of interest in the Audiobus SDK from pretty much everyone making music apps (and even those who don't, yet). That's all I can say.

  • Aww, don't kid.

    These questions were flying around like poop in a monkey cage, during the first week of launch, and getting answered!!

    Just say Yes!

  • All of the developers in question had commented about it publicly before we said anything.

  • Oh, well.

    Yamaha has a rep for being WAYYYYY behind on customer correspondence, so I've got a sinking feeling.

  • People have said the same thing about KORG. cough hint wink cough

  • haha so true. I thought korg would be one of the last. lo and behold.

  • This reply I got from Yamaha a couple of days ago about AB support might cheer you up :

    Thank you for your inquiry and valuable feedback.
    We are currently examining the improvement about Audiobus.

    Hoping that the information will be of some help to you.

    Yours faithfully,
    Yamaha Customer Support Team

  • Goods news I hope.

    Lets hope they get on the bus with tnr-i and their new mobile music sequencer app too as this is a good app for laying down backing tracks. It would be ideal as a partner to cubasis.

  • "Yours faithfully" has a powerful ring to it.

  • @Tigdmb That was the first time I heard of mobile music sequencer. It is awesome for sketching out ideas, especially with the chord progression function. Thanks for the tip.

  • The yamaha mms could be great with ab and the midi enhancements I put in the review I left.

    The ability to save to midi and open in cubasis would be really useful.

    Lets hope yamaha really get on board and enhance the app.

  • edited February 2013

    It feels like a offshoot of Ableton Live, and plays really nice with Cubasis.

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