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Multitimbral synth apps

I know of these:

  • bs-16i (16)
  • Nanostudio (15)
  • Magellan (2)
  • Sampletank (4?)
  • Sir Sampleton (12)

Are there others?

Wow, we've come a long way since 2013! Here's what I know about today. What else is out there?

  • BeatHawk (16)
  • Beatmaker 2 (16) - plus Keyboard instrument can have multiple zones and splits
  • BS-16i (16)
  • Casio CZ (4)
  • Caustic (14)
  • Cubasis (24)
  • Gestrument (8)
  • iM1 (8)
  • iMS20 (7) - 1 part mono synth + 6 part rendered short synth sample
  • iPolysix (8) - 2 part poly synth + 6 part rendered short synth sample
  • iSequence (8?)
  • iSyn Poly (3) synth + 1 part (9 PCM drums)
  • Jam Maestro (3?)
  • Magellan (2)
  • Meteor (24)
  • Nanostudio (15)
  • Roland Sound Canvas (16)
  • Sampletank (8)
  • Sir Sampleton (12)
  • Sound font Pro (4) - 8 with splits.
  • SquareSynth (8)
  • Stroke Machine (12) synth + 1 part (12 synthesized drums)
  • SunVox (16)
  • ThumbJam (8)
  • Xenon (4?)
  • Xewton Music Studio (16)
  • Hello 2017: any AU host can essentially become a multitimbral app for AU synths.

(Let's add the phrase multi-timbral for future searc-hers.)


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    Xewton Music Studio (16).
    Cubasis (24).
    Meteor (24)

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    iPolysix (2) or 3 if you count the drum part

    Edit: Or did u mean full blown DAW like apps like Xewton and Nanostudio etc? Then you got lots and lots of apps (bm2, flstudio, Sunvox and so on).

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    I took it to mean apps that can accept multiple simultaneous MIDI input channels controlling multiple simultaneous instruments. Sunvox may well qualify.

    • iPolysix (2) - plus the 6 drums are really synths in their own right (ditto iMS20 but only (1))
    • iMini (n in tabletop) only one stand-alone or with AB but can be multiply instanced in Tabletop. TT needs AB.
    • Beatmaker 2 (16) - plus Keyboard instrument can have multiple zones and splits
    • SunVox (16)
    • Xenon (4?)
    • iSequence (8?)
    • Cubase (16?)
  • Oh, dayum. Thanks fellas. There are a lot of them! And yeah, meant what PaulB was getting at. Still, the DAW apps like NS and BM2 fit the bill.

    Busted out logic for the first time in a while last night and started wondering how many midi tracks I might be able to get singing from my iPad 3 with as few apps opened as possible. I own both korg apps mentioned and sunvox though the korg apps are hogs on my machine.

  • Sort of related -- MIDI Control has a dual keyboard configuration, and each keyboard can be mapped to as many synths as your iOS device can handle.

  • Since SirSampleton was mentioned I have a question. How many ppl actually use it (for more than fun) I know its a fun simple little app but I didn't realize all the functionality it had until I read the description of it and it made me curious how many ppl use it much?

  • @JMSexton I have it but don't use it much. It is useful for short one-shot samples, but not much else. If you are needing a short one-shot sample for your project, it works great and does a good job. However, if you need anything more, it loses all usefulness.

  • I use it pretty frequently because its easy and sounds.... well, like sir sampleton. It crunches stuff up in a weird way. I'd love a little more flexibility, or think I would, like sample editing or envelopes or more banks but there is something immediate and musical about it for me and adding more features might just gum up the works.

  • ThumbJam (2), but probably more after the next update.

  • Ha! Just opened this thread to add thumbjam after messing with it tonight. What wonderful news I get instead. :) looking forward!

  • @sonosaurus awesome to hear about the >2 thing!

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    So I was just checking out an app I had a while ago (not on the bus) Changeling Sequencer and found it has 16 available midi channels (like BS-16i), it has velocity sensitive keyboard top-to-bottom, it has CC Learn for Chord, Voicing, Transition, Arp, and Delay. Different patterns to different channels, can use Soundfonts with it, export midi seq. The Dev just updated it in April so he's active, possible a Bus candidate?

  • I like Changeling as well the only thing it needs,is some way to edit the sequence's which is a bit strange for a sequencer but definitely a candidate for the bus.

  • It's need and users can use their own chords, there are some different ways about things that I had to hit the manual for but here's a quick little play I did with an iPolysix sound I made, AudioReverb, and Changeling Sequencer.

  • Bump. Updated the list in the original post.

  • With AU plugins any synth is multitimbral B)

  • @brambos said:
    With AU plugins any synth is multitimbral B)

    Yes, AUM is a great way to play them as if the multiple instances were just one synth as you can control both the notes and exposed AU synth parameters (@brambos always has plenty in his apps). Patterning can be used in such a setup very nicely because you can send notes and several MIDI CC each on different channels to associate with whatever parameters in the AU instances you want by filtering the MIDI channels in AUM plus Patterning will sync to the transport controls and tempo in AUM.

  • @brambos said:
    With AU plugins any synth is multitimbral B)

    Good point! Top post updated.

  • Nice list! Two small corrections: SampleTank now has 8 and iPolySix is polyphonic

  • Anyone used these Multitimbral apps with a hardware sequencer and managed to get each sequence to select a different range of presets?

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