[SOLVED] Routing Audio From Auria to AUM and Back

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Hi All,

I realize I'm asking an Auria-and-AUM-based question on the Audiobus forum, but this seems the most active and knowledgeable online resource for my particular query, so here goes...

I've got an audio track in Auria I'm routing to AUM for further processing (using some of AUM's built-in processing modules), then back to Auria. My understanding is that I need to have the audio track armed (i.e., the "Record" button activated) in order to pass audio. The problem is that arming that track means I can hear the audio for that track pre-AUM processing along with the final audio processed post-AUM.

Is there a way for me to route the audio such that I'm only hearing the post-AUM processed audio?

Thanks in advance!


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    @kgmessier you could add another audio track in Auria, then in the channelstrip (FX) for insert take 'Kymatica Aum Port 1', and arm.
    In Aum select for input: Interapp: Auria Pro Sub 1 and for output: IAA/AB Output 1 (Auria).
    In Auria's Mixer View select on the sending track: Output: Subgroup 1, and on the 'Sub 1' track turn the fader to zero.
    Additionally you may want to route the Auria track to a mix-bus first in Aum for convenience (Input: Sub 1 -> output mix-bus a; new lane: input: mix-bus a -> output: Iaa Auria port 1)
    Plus for adding another track here with the mix-bus a as the input and iaa output port 2 returning to a separate Auria audio track - their inputs there being 'Aux' 1, 2, etc. ...

  • Thank you, @ccs2!

    I had this set up almost precisely as you described, only it never occurred to me to set the S1 fader to zero. (D'oh!)

    Could you go into a bit more detail with your mix bus example? Do you mean taking multiple subgroups from Auria and funneling them into the same mix bus in AUM (say, Bus A), then taking the output of Bus A and sending it back to Auria? (Maybe you mean something else entirely, in which case I'm just muddying the waters.)

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    Hey, I'm also in the process of figuring it out myself here - thx for the inspiration btw!
    I just pointed one Auria track to the 'mix bus a' lane in Aum with output port 1, and then opened another lane with the same input: mix bus a, but for output: port 2 and adding a receiving track in Auria for simplicity ;)
    but with yet another Auria sub routing (new audio/midi tracks w/ output: sub 2, 3 etc.) one should theoretically be able to extend the number of Aum mix buses (b,c,... w/ their respective inputs: Sub 2, 3 etc. -> output: ports 3, 4, etc.) and new receiving tracks in Auria ('Aux' 3, 4, etc.) accordingly - cheers!

  • I don't think I have any projects at this point that would require so many mix buses, but it's nice to know Auria and AUM can interact this way.

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