Korg nano key studio multiple gadget control?

Is there a way to setup the key studio so that the knobs control one gadget ), keys control another and maybe pads control another?


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  • Yes and no.

    To do this you'd need to first set up a "scene" using the PC or Mac editor for the nanoKEY Studio. You would set it with different channels for the knobs, keys, and pads. Then you would need to go into the "Other" settings in Gadget and turn off native mode for the nanoKEY Studio. Then you would need to switch to this Scene on the nanoKEY.

    But, this will disable all the rest of the native integration of the nanoKEY with Gadget, making it act like any other controller. The automatic mapping of knobs to, scale and arp integration, etc would be disabled. You you would probably need to go in and custom map each knob in each gadget you wanted to control.

  • @wim thanks, i guess i will pass on this, maybe use it with another controller because the key studio only has 8 scenes and i have some setup for brambos and ioddessei and a few others.

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