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    @TheVimFuego said:
    Impressive that you found the time to address this so quickly, thanks @jakoB_haQ.

    I had to. I don't want to spread bad info or anything like that. Besides, the livestream only took me approx two hours to do. It would have taken 1 or 2 days to make a regular haQ attaQ video of this process. Also a livestream was a good thing to do, so that anyone watching could see the the whole process, including any mistakes I might make.

    It looks like I'll have to do this thing one more time as soon as I get some Audioquest USB cables and a USB3 hub....I wish this stuff could just work. :)

    The delayed YouTube stream today really cheered me up, I love all the mistakes and brainwave capture tech. We need more of this to liven up what can be dull subject matter.

    We are at the bleeding edge so I guess some teething issues are expected.

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    Actually you dont want a USB 3 hub, you want a multi translator transaction hub, this allows you to connect USB 1.1 devices without slowing down USB 2 or USB 3 devices, USB 2 and 3 share their core wiring so 2 does not slow down 3 apparently, if you are running a USB 2 hub you should be fine for just USB 2 and 3 devices, there is very little available for USB 3 anyway, still mainly flash drives right now.

    However one thing to keep in mind, some devices that claim to be USB 2 will actually be USB 1.1, so a MTT hub is the way to go.
    This is common knowledge to most digital DJs and applies just as much to mobile musicians.

  • @5pinlink ABSOLUTELY, that's what I was thinking MTT hub ! That's the key !
    Normally the usb hub 3 I've pointed should be MTT...

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    @5pinlink @crony Could you point me to a few models of MTT hubs that are known to work well?

  • Most MTT hubs should work well, the biggest issue is finding them, a lot of sellers dont list MTT as a feature, manufacturers websites should help

  • The Elektron's hub is, and the I've pointed from Anker are also MTT, normally...I never had clearly MTT mentioned.
    This feature is a kind of holy Graal of hubs...

  • @jakoB_haQ i just realized i might not have been perfectly clear when i mentioned "the original cck". i'm actually using the 30 pin cck with a lightening to 30 pin adapter. not the cck2. just though you might want to know :)

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