TIZE: iMaschine meets Auxy?

I got the app and the quality is really good.

Will I use it, probably not.

Perhaps, on the treadmill or something. However, it is worth it for a quality groovebox.

No Abus or IAA, but, either does AUXY, right?

Just an FYI thread.


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    Well I'm glad it was free, cause the sequencer is completely broken for me. Press record, countdown, play, then I look at the pattern and all the notes are stacked on the first beat on top of each other. Press play and nothing happens, playhead doesn't move, can't press stop. I think this one needs a little work. Though the keyboard is very nice with the chords, and the sounds are pretty good. I would make stuff with this, if only the sequencer was remotely functional.

    EDIT: it works now, the ol "close and restart the app" saves the day again.

  • You can use AU effects inside TIZE.

  • I downloaded it due to your suggestion, and it is a fun little app.

  • @InfoCheck said:
    You can use AU effects inside TIZE.

    @JeffChasteen said:
    I downloaded it due to your suggestion, and it is a fun little app.


    It is rare I stumble on an app and end up saying wow this is actually pretty good.

    Alot of gimmick groove box apps out, this seems made for a person who knows music a little more.

  • This kind of apps just need LINK.

  • I love the fact that it just forces you to do subtractive arrangement. Everything layered together for the entire song duration, and you just mute stuff when you don't want it to play. Lol kind of a funny reminder how simple things can be.

  • Ableton Link now.

  • Totally different, but reminds me (because of its quick facility) of TriqTraq as well. Nice little addition...

  • This is an interesting one, it's got that simple groovebox thing going on except you can use AU fx and the built in fx are a bit more than the standard fare. The piano roll is terrible though. Seems they fixed most of the bugs and other weird shit as well. The song mode couldn't be any more straightforward.

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