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Cubasis: Round 2

Ok, just now downloading Cubasis to give it another try. Open minded this time. Everyone seems to love it, so I thought I'd give her another chance. If I lose any work this time it's on you, Audiobus Forum. ;-)


  • The new update should be out soon. Good timing.

  • Post here if you have any problems, and I'm sure we'll all try to help you out. I'm really loving it! Not as full featured as Meteor, but it works A LOT better and doesn't get in my way! :-) .....AND development is really moving fast! :-)

  • Let's us know if you want our case you're not satisfied :-)

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    O, in there. Digging it. Creating a little track from some of the midi presets is fun. But... I'm having a "moment". I'm using to drag one of the instrument loops onto a track. Tried audio track and a midi track and neither will drop the loop into it. Help...

    Edit: duh, I get it. They're not loops. It's a sample of the instrument. Moment has ended. For now.

  • Send clock to Alchemy gets me 999 bpm...

  • What are your alchemy settings?
    Was getting a similar thing when triggering BM2.
    You may need to turn everything off in alchemy...yeah,I know.strange but hey,we're living in a time of muddy,not midi.

    There is a thread where this is touched upon.not sure what one as we keep going over it again and again and......

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    Deleted post.
    Problem solved.

  • Yeah, sorry for creating "another Cubasis thread". I tried it last night. Honestly, I really did. Promise. But.... it's not you, it's me... we need to breakup again. ;-) The issue is that while Cubasis rocks and has a TON of awesome little features, it's just too damn painful for me to spend the time learning how to use it...when there's another app RIGHT THERE that I already know how to do everything I want to with. For me, I ended up back in BM2 after a few hours and then running into some frustrating midi clock issues. Might not be fair to Cubasis, but honestly, they have my money so I guess they'll get over me.

  • @boone51 No worries! :-) A lot of people like BM2. There are aspects of BM2 that I like a lot too, but in the end, Cubasis was more for me. You have to go with what works for you. :-)

    By the way, I was syncing Cubasis and sampletank together, and found that the Sampletank BPM didn't sync with Cubasis either. I don't know whether the issue is with Cubasis or Sampletank, but I manually matched the BPM in both apps, and everything works fine. :-) You can probably do the same with Alchemy. :-)

  • Like you, @boone51, I'm a BeatMaker 2 user, and I'm very accustomed to it. It has some quirks, but its many features make it a very capable DAW. I use it to compose techno in conjunction with a small collection of synth and effects apps (via Audiobus, of course).

    Cubasis' intuitive interface caught my eye, but its relatively high price and the lack of what I consider fundamental DAW features (automation, most notably) have kept me from buying it. I check out what updates it's received about once a month, only to be disappointed.

    I'm surprised that the two apps that are most often considered "pro" level apps are both missing some very standard DAW features (and in Auria's case, suffer from some poor interface design), whereas BeatMaker 2 is a relatively full featured DAW that's easy to work with once you become accustomed to its UI idiosyncrasies.

    With the [ synth apps --> effects apps --> BM2 ] Audiobus chain, I'm very rarely ever left wanting.

  • For me, the shortcomings Cubasis has are worth the breezy interface. BM2 has more features, but I feel everything distracts me from the simple task of making music. It impacts my creativity too much. Plus it takes up precious disk space with things I never use. Cubasis makes my writing so much more fluid.

    Maybe I could have gone with Meteor instead, but I'm very happy with Cubasis. No regrets.

  • @TCM EXACTLY! I have used every DAW, and until Cubasis, Meteor was my DAW of choice. Meteor is the most complete and full featured DAW available. It has more features than BM2. The problem with it is that its interface/GUI is very poorly designed and the automation is difficult to get accurate. Overall though, it is a great DAW. However, Cubasis gets out of my way and lets me get things done. It may be currently limited compared to more complete DAWs, but it is in rapid development, and is gaining the features that are needed. It is just SO EASY to use and create music with! It doesn't take up hundreds of megs of space with junk samples like Beatmaker does, and works great! It doesn't have a sampler yet, and it doesn't have automation yet, but I believe these things are coming. It is very efficient, and the next update will make a HUGE improvement in efficiency! I too am very happy with Cubasis, and I can honestly say that it is the best DAW for me, because I own and have tried working with all of them. I like AURIA a lot too, but I do a lot of MIDI work, and I only have an iPAD 2, so I'm limited with what I can do, and I am only using Cubasis. :-)

  • Yep, I can totally see where Cubasis has so much potential and the interface is just awesome. If I'd started off with both of them in front of me and starting from ground zero with both on my learning, I'd probably be in Cubasis. The problem is that I had BM2 right after it came out ... and that was a LONG time before Cubasis was around, so I had plenty of time to get familiar with it's quirky little interface. I think Cubasis is probably much more efficient UI wise, but it's just that when I want to do something in BM2 I don't even have to think about it. I'm just doing it. The interface is almost completely gone for me, and that's where I need to be with my recording tools. That may sound crazy to someone looking at the BM2 interface for the same time and comparing it to Cubasis, but that's just how it is for me. To each there own. Thank goodness we all have choices.

  • @boone51 Makes good sense :-)

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