Extend AB protocol to support sending Chord/Key-change information + Ableton Link equivalent

Ableton did something really great by releasing the Ableton-Link API spec.

But of course we need transport stuff too - and the best API for EVERYTHING would be just one standard for the lot.

But now we have ableton link - which is designed for multi-app syncing of tempo and bar-starts - the next level would be to be able to send chord/key change information to all the linked devices. This could be either just in real-time - or ahed of the next 1-beat.

Or maybe send several bars-worth of chord/change info - even the whole song - but with the difference that the set of chord changes can be updated at any time. So for example you could have one musician with an app - designated to set the chord changes for a while - and then hand over "conductor" duties to someone else - as the mood takes you.

One could even enhance this by having some standard API for specifying the genre. So via the protocol the "conductor" could tell everyone to go into 4/4 funk mode -"here are the chords" and then later shift to jazz-swing - "here are the chords" - and then funk etc...

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