What's that battery health app?

Sorry to do this, but forum search and "site:forum.audiob.us" search on google have failed me.

What is that battery meter and battery health app that has been mentioned here? I think it is a Mac AppStore app that will give you details on your iOS device battery. @supadom was it you who mentioned it here?


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  • I'm looking for something that shows actual log of charge cycles; I think that's been mentioned around here recently. Thanks in advance

  • "Battery life"

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    Yes! The free one by Robert Tkotzyk.

    Thanks so much. There are so many "battery life" apps that look like crap. This one actually works.

    It shows actual mAh capacity, which can tell you how much your battery has decreased.

    EDIT: on iOS 10 it shows mAh capacity but won't actually show the cycle count, or number of times the battery has been used.

    So I'm still wondering, is there an app (iOS or OSX) that will show cycle count for iOS 10 devices?

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