What is the best sound card for iPad at the time (with new connector)???

I like to know what is the more professional about audio quality and compatible to new idevices (working with AudioBus, naturally).



  • I'd like to know that too. Ideally without the need for an additional power source and MIDI in/out.

  • Look at the Roland Duo Capture EX when it comes out. Should be very soon...

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    Does anyone know if this Roland Duo Capture EX will require using the CCK or a USB hub to connect to iPad 4? It would be nice if it doesn't require a lightning adapter too but I'm sure it will.


  • Which means the 30 pin to lightning adapter will also be required unless Apple comes out with a lightning version of the CCK. I really didn't want to have a bunch of things hanging off the iPad.

    Oh well

  • There is a lightning version of the CCK. Lightning to USB cable. Check the Apple Store.

  • But wouldn't that need a hub because it has the wrong end of the USB cable? The end of the lightning to USB cable won't plug directly into the Roland Duo.

  • There is another cable that might work, the Lightning to USB camera adapter, however I'm not sure if it will. It does have the correct USB jack.

  • I recommend the focusrite scarlett 18i6.

    Tested and known to work with things like Auria and Multitrack DAW.

  • It does work. I have the lightning to USB adapter.

  • Is anybody using a RME babyface with the new Ipad 4 ?

  • There is a tutorial on the web about how to interface the babyface with the iPad. However, we've actually tried with our own babyface and couldn't get it to work even after a firmware update. We were not able to set it to class compliant mode apparently.

  • I think I'll buy a Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 and I'd be curious to know if also its MIDI interface is recognized and used by iOS apps. Any positive (or negative) experience?

  • I just bought myself a Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 for Christmas last weekend, so my experience is limited, but so far I love it. Works great with iOS and with Audiobus. All channels just show up in Auria and Multitrack DAW. Used it this morning, running my bass through the Focusrite directly into MDAW, with drums from Funkbox, and NLog providing synth, both running into MDAW through Audiobus. NLog was controlled by my external keyboard, running through the Focusrite MIDI in. MIDI required zero configuration. I plugged it in and it worked. Latest Focusrite firmware doesn't require a powered USB hub as many accessories do with the iPad, though the 18i6 always needs its own external power supply, so you do have to plug something in. Couldn't be happier! Only wish is for an iPad app from Focusrite which enables direct configuration of the "Zero Latency" hardware mix, but that's another issue...

  • Just in case you're hunting around for the latest Scarlett downloads, you can get everything you need from here:


    The only real negative of the Scarlett soundcard is that you can't connect a USB midi keyboard, the midi connection needs to be of the 5 pin din variety but it's only the very cheapest consumer midi controllers that don't offer 5 pin din connectors so this shouldn't be too much of a concern.

    If you combine the CCK connector with a Cablejive Dockstubz you'll be able to charge your iPad at the same time as using the Scarlett's audio and midi features. This for me is the best benefit of using a Scarlett 18i6; because it has it's own power supply it draws a bare minimum via the CCK so devices like the Dockstubz will enable you to power your iPad at the same time as using pro level audio & midi features.


    I also use an iConnectMidi for those occasions that I'm using Animoog or Magellan as a midi controller as this provides the very best midi latency (also works great with Lemur). It's not the cheapest option but it's the only way I've found to accurately capture the wonderfully expressive nature of Animoog. Once the midi is in your DAW your can then swap back to your Scarlett to ensure the best quality audio.


  • @Sinapsya

    As far as I'm aware the iConnectMUSE hasn't made it to market yet.

    This is only my guess but I think the iConnectivity team have had to rethink their product line given that major manufacturers such as Focusrite have been so quick to support the iPad. The versatility of the Scarlett 18i6 makes their own offering look overpriced and lacking in features.

    If the best midi latency performance is a core concern the iConnectMidi is still a very good buy (and it's street price will probably now be better than the listed $199). It's essential for me for live performances where I'm using my iPad as a midi controller (generally via the Lemur app) as its mix of reliability and its latency performance means I'm always able to rely on it being a stress free solution.

    However I would still recommend the Scarlett as the best all in one integrated midi/audio solution even if its midi performance is not quite of the same calibre as the iConnectMidi. It's incredible valuable for money too seeing as it can double as a very capable desktop DAW interface too.



  • I have a scarlett 8i6 and a new alesis io4, both work fine with my ipad but I'm having issues with audiobus and jamupxt in the effects slot. (I started another thread about this)

    Other than that issue, both devices seem fine otherwise.

  • I found this thread google-ing 'cablejive dockstubz midi' so I will post here because I am assuming others with similar searches might end up here.

    I know this may or may not be relevant, but I would like to add a few things and also ask a few things. I have tried all of my adapters with my iPhone 5 with an apple lightning to 30 pin adapter. Apples 39$ adapter works with my synthstation 25, line 6 midi mobilizer (original) and line 6 'mobile in' 24 bit. The only issues I have had is with my synthstation 25 and 30pin to lightning adapter... the latency is horrible. but on my ipad 2 (ios 5.1) and iPad 3 (6.01) my synthstation 25 works perfectly. I use an Akai EIE (16 bit version)

    ...and an M-audio fast track (24 bit)

    ... as audio interfaces on my ipads. I can add midi devices via the EIE midi port as well as USB MIDI devices via usb and concurrently run 4 XLR or 4 Guitar lines. The downside is the EIE pro (24 bit) will not work with the iPad 2 or 3, but my 16 bit red EIE works perfectly. The M-audio is really good for high quality mono audio, the guitar jack gives me lots of problems and added clicks and pops. I feel my line 6 'mobile in' is a better option to the m audio fast track because the 'mobile in' offers 24 bit stereo and works on all my idevices and is very portable. I was given the fast track and the 'mobile in' as a STFU/christmas bribe so I cant really complain.

    My first question is: Does anyone know if the Akai EIE pro (24 bit) works with the latest iPad and/or iPad mini?

    I would assume this would work but not very well because the latency on my iphone 5 is ridiculous when I do anything with midi and a lightning to 30 pin adapter. But I am curious anyway if anyone has connected the EIE pro specifically with the newest of the ipads. This question is mainly hypothetical for me because I'm kind of tapped out for hardware for a while. I am curious what kind of technical trickery I might achieve on my iphone 5 (perhaps with some kind of failbreak).

    My second question is about the cablejive Dockstubz plus:
    Does the Dockstubz have a firm connection? or in other words, if I were to perhaps use it with gyrosynth aggressively, would the Dockstubz disconnect easily? and more importantly does the Dockstubz supply partial power to ipads or does it attempt to power the iDevice with a full 5V / 10V at whatever current it supplies?

    I have a 'CableJive dockXtender Premium Extension Cable' and 2 of the 'Ziotek ZT1311555 HC1's...

    the Cablejive dockXtender is horrible and the Ziotek is fantastic. From the first day out of the box, the Cablejive has had a very poor connection and does not keep a consistent connection on any of my devices. A slight touch disconnects my devices and I either have to unplug and replug or even sometimes I have to go as far as rebooting my iDevice before the dock works again. The Ziotek keeps a very firm connection, it will not disconnect unless you depress the buttons on the sides. I liked the Ziotek so much I bought a second and it works just as well as the first. The Cablejive was 26$ and the Ziotek was 7.25$

    If there is a more secure and cheaper alternative, with all the same function of the dockstubz, I would like to know about it. It seems like cablejive has this niche market cornered with the dockstubz.

  • @obis

    I use my Dockstubz to charge my iPad whilst it's connected to either my Scarlett 18i6 soundcard or my iConnectMidi and it works perfectly across both my iPad 2 & 3 (I'm still waiting for dedicated devices for my iPad 4 and mini - something that works without the need of the Lightning to USB adaptor). However I try my best not to stress the connections and don't make use apps like Gyrosynth so I can't comment regarding performance in your usage scenario.

    With regard to info on the Akai EIE pro have a look over on the Auria forums - http://d4.drumagog.com/phpbb2/viewforum.php?f=18 - They have a sticky thread there detailing peoples successes with various audio interfaces and there might be something there regarding the Akai device. I personally believe the Scarlett to be the best IOS compatible audio interface currently available from a price/performance perspective. Most importantly the Focosrite team are constantly updating the firmware to support any changes in the IOS marketplace.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks jonmoore ...
    and what you think about Alesis IO4, IO2 & IO2 express???

  • I've been happy so far with the alesis io4. For the price I think it's one of the better options if you need 1/4 inch ins and outs and midi. Although I have not tested using the midi yet, it shows up in apps as a source/destination...

    I believe I read that the io2 and express aren't compatible.

  • @Sinapsya

    I don't have any experience of the Aleisis products you mention but I've never been a fan of their AD/DA converters on their other products.

  • does anybody know a good/working one with 2/4 inputs and 4 outputs?i'm looking mainly for dj purposes,so i definitely need the 4 outputs.

  • @Crabman

    There are cheaper options in the Focusrite Scarlett range (with less inputs/outputs) than the 18i6 (the 8i6 has been reported to work well in this very thread). The most important consideration no matter what brand you go for is that it has it's own power supply as the iPad won't be able to power the vast majority of decent audio interfaces.

  • Is it possible in any way to have connected ipad with iConnect midi and usb soundcard simultaneously? CCK + powered USB hub... Is there a way? I have iConnect and Im planning to buy Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Thanks.

  • This looks really nice:


    Its new from Roland. It has battery power as an option, so no powered hub would be needed. It also has midi in/out.

    Anybody tried it yet? Recording quality? Latency?

  • I've bought a Scarlett 18i6 last week and had no problems connecting it to my ipad 4 - with a Lightning CCK. NO USB Hub required.
    My question: Is ist possible to make settings directly from the ipad, such as inst/Mic switch. I can do that with my PC- using the Mix Control software, but it is pretty complicated stopping the sessions, conect the scarlett to the PC, make settings there, save to hardcore, and then plug it back to the ipad.
    Any tips are welcome ! Cheers from freezing Germany.

  • @KAIser There is not currently a way to configure the Scarlett 18i6 directly from the iPad. There's a thread about this on the Auria forum -- which points back to another thread here! -- recommending that we show our interest directly with Focusrite by requesting an iPad version of Mix Control. I have put my request in...

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