Question: Recording audio in video app

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Hi, I'm trying to record videos with the Gr-55 and some iPad app (loopy and drumperfectpro with Audiobus), but I do not know how to record the "music apps" sound along with the mic.
I tested it with several video apps (Filmic Pro, Veescope, standard, among others), and only mic / lightning sound is recorded. Electronic, loopy, and other sounds running in the background are ignored.
(setup: guitar+gr55Roland+mixer x1204usb+lightning3 adapter+iPadMini2)


  • There is no video app that will properly record all your audio apps that I am aware of. Audiobus is definitely the answer. You'll need to record your audio apps with Audiobus using something like AudioShare or Loopy, which can be the output app, receiving all your other audio.

    Set that up in the background, then you can record a video separately using any videocam app. Afterward, you'll have to use iMovie to edit the video, replacing the video's audio track with the AudioShare recording.

  • Sorry for insisting, but the idea is to do this to live streaming.
    So it would be better to use another iphone connected to the usb hub to take care of the streaming part, correct?

  • Oh right, for live streaming I think you would need to send the iPad audio (with Loopy and all your other apps) out to another audio interface plugged in to another iOS device that is recording and streaming video.

    Look up this channel on YouTube.

    He has done live streaming I believe and talks about how he does it with iOS only.

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