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Large file size in Auria Project

OK, maybe this is not related to audiobus, but I just wondering why my auria project always having large file size, my project normally consist 15 tracks, and only about 4 mins, and the whole project was like 2GB in total, is it normal? It eat up my iPad space.... I am using iPad 4 32GB, now it is full... haha...
Normally I will use 8 tracks for drums, then maybe 4 tracks for jam Up Pro, maybe 2 tracks for Nave....

Anyone here can share some tips to lower down the file size of the project? note that all my track were stereo, is it mono track will have smaller size?


  • You may get a quicker response by posting in the Auria forum:

  • Yes, mono tracks are half the size of stereo tracks.

  • Also, a 2 minute track will be half the size of a 4 minute track. ;-)

  • Unless the two minute track is stereo and the four minute track is mono, as it happens.

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    Start a new project, in the edit window go to the edit menu and chose "import audio", browse to the project folder you think is too big, you'll see all the wav files that project uses (and probably wav files it doesn't use anymore).

    I'd start there anyways. Check the nr of wav files, if there are way more wav files then you actually (seem) to use in the project you might have used "condense regions". That function will cut/trim away all the audio that's not being used (on all the regions). But if you have copy and pasted out a lot of the same regions it will create a new wav file for every copied region. That could be one reason it's big.

    Auria does use a redundancy backup system under the hood so that might make a minor impact on project size. Under "settings" there's a "automatically clean audio files" option (or whatever it's named), it's off by default. It will clean away unused audio files when opening a project, as long as there's no snapshot in the project referring to the audio file(s).

    And you can always manually delete audio files by using the "import audio", browse to the project folder and swipe/delete the audio files you want gone. But if the project uses the file(s) or there are snapshots referring to em it might cause issues so make a backup first.

  • That function will cut/trim away all the audio that's not being used (on all the regions). But if you have copy and pasted out a lot of the same regions it will create a new wav file for every copied region.

    I didn't realize that. That's cray cray. So if I have a 4 bar recording, copy and paste it 20 times on a track, select one region, consolidate it, reverse it, I now have 22 audio files?

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    Yea. I had to clean away over 100 audio files from what started as tiny tiny project with less then a handful of wav files before I learned this lol...I believe it's mainly there for projects that uses few but long regions. So if you're gonna copy/paste out a region a lot all over, make sure to trim/cut away any excessive audio beforehand (instead of relying on the consolidate function).

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    Wow... That's hell a lot of wave file in the project folder.... After I delete the auto snap shot, then auria clean all the unwanted wav files... Thanks for the info...

    Ok, now is something about mono, is it mono track in auria will have only 1 wave in the track and stereo have 2 waves in the track? Because it seems like when I create a mono track, and try to import DM1 wave file, it show 2 waves, and I can't make sure is it mono or stereo....

  • If you import a stereo wav, auria converts the track. You can bounce it/mixdown to a mono track and delete the original.

  • Lol @syrupcore for saying cray cray

  • Yep that is the file size on my side too.

  • Auria hangs onto files that are used by snapshots to enable an undo. Track freeze will also create additional files.

    I'm quite the Auria fanboy but agree that the app isn't very friendly to smaller or less powerful devices... With great power comes great device responsibilities

  • Auria doesn't create new audio files when you copy and paste, unless you condense regions on all of them.

    The snapshots thing overriding project cleanup is definitely annoying though. Go into settings and delete all your snap shots, load a new blank project, then load the original project you were working on. It should now be properly cleaned up and contain only audio files you are actually using.

  • Yes, I already know this method, it is quite annoying, but this is the only thing we can do to reduce the file size... unless keep moving out the project folder from iPad to other storage once the project is complete...

  • AGreed, it's needlessly long winded for sure.

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