iPad - Which one to go?

Hi there,
i´m using an iPad1 with these apps right now:

  • Samplr
  • Lemur
  • TouchAble
  • Orphion
  • Beatmaker 2.0
  • Reactable
  • Chippad
  • loopy HD

I was pretty happy with my iPad1 until i discovered one app which changed completely my point if view: AUDIOBUS!

Until then i saw my iPad just as an nice controller for Ableton. But now i see what potential the iPads have. So i would like to upgrade to an newer iPad, preferable a second hand one. It should be said that i own a macbook pro i7 which i´m happy with. So my aim is not to make entire albums on the iPad, but would like to have to needed power to run let´s say audiobus with nice fx apps in the same time smoothly. As far as i can see it, the newest iPad is more made for gaming and graphic apps in general, which i don´t really need. I won´t play any game on it. Robustness is one imortant criteria.
I´m very tempted to a second hand iPad2. But i heard the Display will crack pretty easily, and iPad3 has some heat issue.

Which one would you say is the iPad to go 2,3 or 4?



  • Definitely get a 4 if you want to run Audiobus + other apps at the same time without any problems

  • Absolutely. The iPad 4 is more than twice as fast as the 3.

  • the question is, will i need the power of an ipad4 right now? or will a ipad2 do its job for the next 1+ years. but then, but nice or buy twice, right?!

    Thanks for your thoughts so far!

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    I would highly recommend getting an iPad 4. Now. You need the extra power to add that one more app, that additional midi controller that extra piece of Filter in Audulus etc.

  • As an ipad 2 owner I would recommend you go ahead and get the 4 now. I run into the cpu ceiling often already. I would LOVE to have an iPad 4 right now.

  • Ok so iPad 4 is the way to go but if I get one what's the consensus on adapters for the Lightning connector as far as getting audio and MIDI into the iPad? Do you still need the CCK and does that work with the Lightning port? I'm interested in the Apogee Jam for guitar input, does that work with the lightning port. What's the consensus on outboard audio/MIDI devices for the lightning port with or without adpaters? Should I hold out a little longer until the lightning specific peripherals become available?

    I don't want to buy an iPad 4 only to find I can't do what I want to with it.


  • I have the iPad mini and I use the standard apple lightning to 30 pin adapter. Have used with no issues with iconnectmidi and Apogee jam. If it works with the mini I'm sure it works with iPad4!

  • @yowza

    did some research..



    mhhh.. seems the ipad4 is the way to go even really hate adapters, not as much as i hate cables, but still don´t really like them...

  • @monoaural

    I feel the same way, I'd rather not have a bunch of stuff hanging off the iPad.

    Since the lightning connector is here to stay I wonder how long before the iPad music peripherals start showing up with the lightning connector so that an adapter isn't needed?

    Thanks for those links!

  • Definitely go with the 4. I'm already thinking about selling my mini for an upgrade. Need A6 chip!

  • I can't speak for all third party developers, but I can say that Apogee have stated that they have no plans to release any cables or updates for the Apogee Jam interface since the adapter route works just fine.

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    can anybody report his/her iPad3 experience using it just for music stuff and the often heard "heat issue"? Going for a second hand iPad i actually discarded the consideration of an iPad3 because i have the feeling, it was kind of an apples´ misstep.

  • I have a three and haven't really noticed any heat issue. The thing warms up but not more than I'd expect. Certainly not hot to the touch or whatever.

    That said, unless you can get a crazy deal on it, get the 4.

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    Well, like with all gears, always buy the best you can afford at the moment.
    So if the iPad 4 fit into your budget then go for it!

  • I would honestly discourage anyone from getting an iPad 3 at the moment. It's not really going to be a lot faster than an iPad 2 and most likely not much cheaper either.

    The performance jump from an iPad 3 to an iPad 4 is immense.

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    thanks sebastian. so i ended up in getting a ipad4 refurb, and pretty happy with it. the retina display is pretty sick. spent several days now, routing a whole bunch of apps with/thru audiobus. love audiobus. everything runs smooth and nice. i´m having fun ;-)
    thanks again.
    you guys rock!

  • Where did you get a refurb ipad 4?

  • i got myself an ipad 4 as well now.Just because of audiobus and auria ;)
    I can confirm that everything runs very smooth.I did not test yet how many apps you can feed through audiobus now but it seems its more than enough.And Its a breeze to work with auria now.Not to mention the amazing screen...can't wait until auria get Midi and Audiobus.

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