Ideas for Audiobus 2.0

There's been some talk about iOS7 and Audiobus becoming redundant.. I don't think that's going to happen given the tremendous support that the community of musicians and developers has shown. Thinking about my own workflow with iOS music, I had some ideas and immediately thought of Audiobus as the ideal solution, as so many of my favourite apps already integrate Audiobus.

Here's the problem: In live performance when one song ends and before the new song begins, one may have to close certain apps and launch others, select presets in each app and configure the audio and MIDI between apps. This adds up to a lot of twiddling around, all while trying to keep people entertained during a pause in the music.

The solution: Audiobus could script all these actions and create a 'macro' for each song! So with one touch I could close unnecessary apps, launch the ones I want to use, load presets, audio and MIDI configuration! That would be brilliant!

I'm very excited about this idea. Is it possible? I'm sure the Audiobus team would be the best people to make it happen.

Ben J


  • I don't know how in depth it will go, but the Audiobus team have mentioned that they will be adding "Presets" that load a set of apps into Audiobus. I don't know if this will include the patches of the synth and such, but that would be nice.

  • The biggest issue would be that Apple allow launching other apps but apparently frown on closing other apps.

    However, hopefully AudioBus patches can include sending Program Changes to loaded Apps, perhaps even play nicely with MidiBridge that already does this.

  • An app can close itself, however. So the Audiobus SDK could easily have a way to kindly ask an app to "save everything and close".

  • 10 points for apps automatic loading and quiting!

    when i play gigs i dedicate just like two hours to rehearse opening and closing apps properly. even though i always fail in front of the audience, and then i have to explain to them how tricky is the iosmusician world.

    i hope michael and sebastian will make it a better journey (as they have already when they created audiobus!).

    • i would also love to be able to ROUTE INPUT SIGNALS (when you have more than one), so you can route signal A to app1 and signal B to app2.

  • Audiobus could be unlimited if we can set freely outputs to inputs, with reason-like modules like split or merge !!!

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