ios drum app that functions like an electronic drum module

i need an app that functions like an electronic drum module, with realistic acoustic sounds and velocity... i don't need the editor/recording function. and it should work with irig midi


  • Have you tried Drum Perfect?

  • @syrupcore- not yet.but i have seen videos that show recording/editing stuff... have you tried it? I'm thinking Drumslive kind of app

  • I haven't hooked it up to external drum triggers but it has a great velocity layered sample selection.

  • Tried DrumPerfect w/ roland e-drum set and it's been playing very nice, latency might be a factor (setting <256 buffer size), also try garageband for reference. Cheers ;)

  • thanks for the suggestions. i went with drumslive coz it was cheaper. just wanted to try it out...and i discovered the yamaha dd65 hi hat problem.

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