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iOS compatible audio interface urgently wanted



  • IOS uses only the first pair of output channels by default - which he adressed by MiMix
    (I'd do exactly the same in this situation)

  • Hi Telefunky,

    this was my guess, too. I couldn't find any iPad settings related to audio output, neither a useful diagnostic log. To no avail, I disabled all restrictions and allowed Audiobus and MiMix to access the microphone.

  • Hi,

    yes, Presonus support isn't worth mentioning. The audio interface might work on unsupported platforms, but an unsupported platform, is an unsupported platform, is an unsupported platform.

  • @Unknown_Crewman Oh, I see I completely misunderstood what was going on in your issue, my bad.

    Sorry for being snarky with you. :neutral:

  • edited December 2016

    Never mind!

    I will return the PreSounus AudioBox 1818VSL today. A Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Gen is already ordered.

  • Hi,

    the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Gen works with and without a powered USB hub, including the audio out channels. It works with the iPad as well as with Linux, already without rt-patch, at 128 frames.

    A drawback is the disgusting audio quality of the analog domain.

    While audio in works with Audiobus as well as with MusicStudio, I couldn't record an audio track with Cubasis, neither when connecting directly to the Focusrite, nor by connecting to an input by selecting Audiobus.

    There's no audio input signal when using Cubasis.


  • I use the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6. Fantastic little interface. 2 decent instrument/mic pre-amps, stereo line in, 2 sets of outputs, SPDIF in and out and MIDI I/O. And it's dinky too. I power it from the CCK without any problem at all. I then use a MIDISport Uno to go from USB out of my laptop to the KA6 MIDI in. Amazing setup.

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