iPhone (not iPad) apps with piano roll to trigger sounds in Moog Model 15?

I just picked up Model 15 and I absolutely love the sound. However, I'm very new to music creation and I can't play a keyboard. Is there any way to "draw" the sound on a piano roll (proper term?) in another app to trigger them in Model 15? I've read this can be done through Cubasis. However, I only have an iPhone, not an iPad and I see Cubasis isn't available for this platform. Is there an iPhone app that will allow me to do this? If multiple are available, which is the best? I guess I would also need something like AUM or Audiobus to make the the two apps work together?

I bought Korg Gadget a few weeks ago and I really like the interface. A piano roll similar to this is what I'm looking for to trigger sounds in Model 15 (and Animoog). Any suggestions/advice?


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