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Short (and just temporary) iPhone Reverb Demo

edited August 2013 in Creations

I'm a fan of epic reverbs and now the tools are there on my iPhone. Ad480pro, AUFX:Space & AudioReverb. (I also like MagellanJr. a lot inside my audiobus effect slot). There are reverbs of every kind for every sound now. I thought i make a little demo for the big spaces here. I used a bit of every app here.


  • Very nice sound @Galaxyexplorer. You certainly live up to your name!

  • Thx... i wanted to go with to the Mars Mission from the netherlands. In 10 years with a one way ticket... but i was too late.?Damn. I would really do that!!! ;)

  • Very nice demo, GalaxyExplorer. Which reverb app is your favorite? I bought AUFX:Space and have been very satisfied with it, but AudioReverb seems quite good too.

  • A while ago i said AUFX:Space but after trying a lot different things with all these apps there is a simple answer... They are all really good. AUFX:Space is great for really epic spaces (right thing for me ;) Ad480 pro is great for drums, fx and it has some really unique presets which i like. AudioReverb is great too. A lot of different presets and a lot of controls... and it is great to handle a lot of sounds without making it all "mushy". So the bad news... if you use a lot of different reverbs like me... you must get them all ;)

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