Oval Synth by Oval Sound

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No AB/IAA/AU but can record in app and export to audioshare etc. It's primarily meant for their Oval controller, but works without it, and it responds to midi. Plus it's free, so no complaints from me. Edit: Or sends midi at least, not sure. Regardless, it makes sounds when touching ur iPad:-)

Oval Synth by Ovalsound


  • Nice but I can't change tempo. And the help menus don't all open consistently. Sounds nice.

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    Note: it is free

    I like the collection of sounds. All pretty nice. Menu seems to be inactive. Not sure what to do with this even though the samples are good.

  • The Oval controller this goes with it €1,250 !!! Though there is a pre-order discount available bringing it down to €979!

    Eeeeeeeep - think I will pass on that.

  • Battle with Cube synth!

  • Some glitches on ipad 4th gen, surely a great add on and I am waiting for AB and more preferences (latency option maybe)

  • Lucky I was there for their kickstarter...So waiting for mine soon...
    Sad Oval app is also not even IAA compliant...Soon also hopefully.

  • Audiobus support is now available into Oval ! (not sure if it's online yet, but it will quite soon)

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