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New app from Amplify KRFT - fully editable NOIZ

Hi all,

The Amplify team has kindly let me beta test their new app and said it was ok to post.

"So.. we've been busy working on NOIZ and it's getting some good traction, but we know that there's still a space for a "build your own" version.

Named KRFT, read craft, it's very similar to NOIZ but geared more towards musicians than casuals. You start with a blank Surface and add your own elements to create up your jammable track or instrument. There's no social, login etc; it's purely for music making.

We've put together an early beta that we'd love for you to have a play on, it's a lot of fun! It lacks some polish and some of the customization you might expect i.e. changing colours, background, cell sizes but that will come as we move forward."

This is my first jam with it and I have to say I think it has potential.

This is what they were talking about in the first place and it's like lemur with synths and samplers built in. With the keyboards as well as piano roll and pads for the drums it's getting there.


  • looks (and sounds) good!

  • Very cool-sounding. I really like those blue notes in the melody at the end of the first section, very 80s, like something from "Soul Mining."

    No IAA, I assume?

  • This looks and sounds fun

  • I kind of hate these flat / toy -ish UIs... but if it's powerful I might stick to it.

  • edited December 2016

    Looks like 'My Little Synth' but sounds very much better on your demo. But if it's going to work for IOS music makers, then it will need support for AudioBus 3, IAA, Link and Midi out. Are those features to be included?

  • Awesome! Keep us updated! Smart move on their part to make this.

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