What an amazing week. Audiobus is dating some great apps. :)

Many great surprises. I'm really looking forward to Alchemy Mobile joining the orgy!

Reading the post about the development of Audiobus' inception , I'm pretty sure I saw early communication with guys from Camel Audio.

Hope they join in soon.



  • I'm a huge Alchemy fan too. LOVE it. I'm pretty sure they are working on it. I imagine the problem they are having is making it only available when you upgrade to pro. Cause it would defeat a few of the options you get when upgrading to pro like being able to record. They are also working on an update to Alchemy & Alchemy Player VST. We'll have to see.

    Have you tried using Cantor as a midi controller with alchemy, @SpookyZoo ? You can do some neat stuff with it. Cantor is free

  • Hey Ryan. That's a very good point about Alchemy Pro. Maybe they'd change their pricing model.

    I bought Cantor on its release, but have to admit I haven't really experimented with it too much.

    Sounds like a fun combo though, will give it a try.

    With plenty of Audiobus compatible apps available now , there is much fun experimenting to be done. :)

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