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Sidecar with icade and ivsc3

Please help a brother out! This is huge iOS MIDI idea, yet is simple perhaps. A micro tutorial will be rewarded (really). I know All I want is the i-cade joystick to control ivsc3's virtual joystick. I have an iPad 4 and on iOS 10. I have been so close to getting this icade and midi thing down but then I fail or forget a step.
This is also going to solve any mystery with the icade and midi which i have to resolve. I have rocked chords in animoog and even had turnado rocking with icade for a bit. So, i can help too but we need a step by step in my opinion. ITs a deceptive game of madness and simple concepts, but the rewards are amazing. I still have not figured out the assign concept for icade and side car. I also have double decker if thats any easier.... Thanks yawl and I swear I will give back to the community! Cheers


  • bump, anyone? I will write you a song! thx

  • Had anyone figured this out yet ??

  • Yes, it works! I swear I had it rolling pretty good. I could never map it how I wanted it and was perplexed no one else wanted to mash out beats and flick that joystick on iOS music?! Man it was a lil complex, you want to sell me your should and I consider telling you.... jk I honestly forgot umm, well I can't help yet sorry but there is hope it works to some degree!

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