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Is it possible to import a multitrack midi file into Modstep, so each track in the midi file gets imported into seperate tracks in Modstep ?

When I try, the midi notes from all of the tracks in the midi file ends up in one track in Modstep.

I select load midi and then a new track with all of the midi notes are created.



  • No, MIDI import on Modstep is poor at best, I suggest installing Reaper on a desktop computer if you have one, that has simple one click splitting of multi track MIDI (It will actually give you the option to split as you drag n drop it to the timeline)

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    I remember seeing someone post a guide to importing into Modstep from Auxy, and it coming in as different clips.

    Files exported from Modstep also definitely come as different clips. Moving note data from device to device is the most in depth I've got with midi import myself.

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    That sounds nice the auxy trick, if you remeber the tutorial please share

    Never mind, exporting from auxy to audioshare then import midi from audioshare in modstep, and it splits the midi track super nicely

  • That was the method!
    It's by far the most useful utilisation of Auxy that I can think of.

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