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A work in progress, written as part of our shutterwax sessions in 2014 but never finished. I came up with some new synth parts late last night in gadget and dropped them in the reaper session today. Please provide some constructive feedback!


  • The words and melody written by the singer on the track, he meant it to be a rock ballad but it's not. Anyway, I have some things to tidy up but I wanted some feedback as I'm not cool, have no idea what's going on in music now, and just want to hear what others have to say anyway! The drums and most of the stuff in the bridge is from nanostudio way back when, and that low pulsing synth is ituttle, played live into reaper tonight through the lightning cable, my first foray into that. It's also the end of the bridge. I'll probably tighten up the arrangement some.

  • What's going on in music now falls into two basic categories. Those doing their own thing and trying to find that special sound, and the technically perfect over-produced one style fits all. Both sell, both have their fans and detractors.

    FWIW, I enjoyed this song more the further it went, and if it was me I'd like to hear that synth line a little brighter and crisper in the mix, and a little more depth to the bass. Like the singer and lyric pretty much as they are. Maybe add a short section where everything except the bass and voice drop out, for emphasis. All a matter of personal, taste of course. Oh, and one other thought was what this would sound like at a lower tempo. More gravitas, perhaps?

  • @Nkersov Thanks, much appreciated! It's funny that you say you'd like it slower, it was orignally much slower but I sped it up. Something to consider. I like the idea of just bass and voice, I could most definitely strip the verse down further. As for the synth in the mix, this isn't a final mix by any means, so that's an easy one to take care of. I appreciate you taking the time to listen!

    I haven't seen the singer in a few years, we used to gig together a ton but we're in different bands now. So I'm glad you like the vocals because I don't think I'll be meeting up with him to change them ! No falling out or anything, we just are both busy with other things.

    Anyway, I forgot I had this sitting around, but the arrangement and music I had for it were not working and I left it a long time ago.

  • edited November 2016

    Disclaimer I'm not too familiar with this style of music. Just from my natural ear it sounds dated overall. The lyrics don't match the energy of the song. It sounds like an anthem. Now I love a good synth so I didn't think the overall arrangement was bad. The sound selection was good. If you were to keep the lyrics space your lyrics out with accents on certain beats. The lyrics are like a run in sentence. Keep pumping out music man it wasn't bad just wanted to leave some constructive comments. I am no expert for sure

  • Not really a fan of the musical style, but overall the music was well made. I think the singer was the weakest point here(he sounds like he is holding back bit too much and that the voice isnt coming from his diaphragm strongly enough, needs more power and he should had gone quite a bit higher at some parts), and i dont think the vocals fit the mix well enough, its close but something just seems slightly off.

    And about the music. The part near the end where there is only the vocals, it would had been nice if there would had been some really minimalistic/quiet synth in there, and not vocals only. The high arp sounds in the left channel(especially the short ones) would sound better if they had some stereo effect and not being in the same position on the stereo field all the time(kinda hurts my left ear even after the song is over). Also you could add some really gentle lowpass filter and eq to it to make it a bit smoother, so that it doesent sound as piercing.

  • Thanks for the feedback! As I said, definitely not mixed yet, so those are all good suggestions on the mix front, as well as on the verse that's just voice.

    The comments about his singing are interesting. It could be that its a rough mix making it sound like he has no power, I'm not sure, but that would be the first time he's been accused of undersinging! ;-)

    I appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment. If you want to hear other things we've done, is our site, it's a project where we get together one week per year from different parts of the country to write and record, with slightly different combinations of people, and whatever comes out comes out, no particular style or expectations. It makes for a very refreshing (while being tiring) week.

  • First, the positive. The instrumentation is very good, well arranged, but to such an extent that the music...

    (The bad) completely puts the singer to shame. I won't nitpick over lyrics, but technically the vocals are way too loud. And then most importantly, you've just gotta scrap that poor male singer and get a breathy female to do it. Cut back on a lot of the harmonies, maybe just the second half of the verses. A strong voice can carry the chorus without a harmony.

  • One other thing if I may. ISTM that most comments, including my own, would have you make another song, as opposed to your own. All well meant, and it sounds great in our heads...but your view is the one that matters. So take what advice you choose, and do your own thing!

  • Thanks, I appreciate the comments. They're all good and I can see each viewpoint, but will certainly still approach it through my lens with those comments in mind. We don't get new ideas without sharing with others.

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