Audioshare update live

Noticed my audioshare app update said audiobus compatible now.



  • thanks for this great app btw.That's a neat little helper :)

  • edited December 2012

    Love Audioshare, such a wonderful little 'swiss army knife' workflow application.

  • yes, love this app. bought it when you mentioned audiobus support was coming. quick question, is there a way to truncate samples you record into audioshare?

  • @hypoetical Not currently, but some simple trimming and editing is near the top of my TODO list.

  • so awesome to hear that. gave you a 5 star review nonetheless!

  • same here :) yep,a small trimming feature would make it nearly perferct.

  • Looks nice and probably my next purchase. This Audiobus is costing me a small fortune

  • @ j_liljedahl

    While you're here listening to our requests, can I put in a cheeky one of my own!

    It would be great if you could loop the files that you are previewing. Nothing complicated like setting up loop points just a simple ability to loop the sample in question.

    Thanks for listening... :)


  • @jonmoore You can loop files after tapping on them so you get to the waveform view, and double-tapping the play button. The small preview button in the library list does not work that way, currently. Wouldn't be hard to add, though :)

  • Splendid news. I love those little should have RTM lessons in life! :)

    It's something I always do with the more complex tools I encounter but sometimes when an app is so easy and intuitive to use you miss out on some of it's hidden delights.

    Thanks for getting back to me.

  • Great :)
    Well, it's probably my mistake to not make everything obvious enough. The double-tap to loop function is quite secret until you read the info page..

  • Is there a manual or tutorial for this app somewhere? Before I buys I would like to know, for instance, if you are to import files from dropbox one at a time, or could you import a whole folder? I have a bunch of samples that I would like to import, and importing them one by one would be a pain. I can't get iTunes fileshare to import a directory structure (maybe I'm just missing something) and it would be nice to be able to organize a directory structure on the computer and then have it available on the iPad. Can audioshare do that?

  • @j_liljedahl, since becoming familiar with your app I had always thought that it would be an interesting idea for you to contact the developer for GoodReader to see if he could either OEM or otherwise share code for several of GoodReader's useful features. I find myself using it quite a bit in my music experimentation workflow due to it's Zip/Unzip, Dropbox sync, Web Download, and other useful features. I could see a lot of value of an app (such as audioshare) that brings these features to bear in an iOS context.


    This is a free iTunes substitute which apparently allows folder transfers and doesn't spend hours synching and ruining your desktop arrangement. Can be used along with iFileExpress

  • Yes, I recommend iFunBox to transfer multiple files and folders to and from AudioShare, it works great.

    Regarding the other feature requests: zip, integrated dropbox access, web download, etc.. it's all on my very long TODO list :)

  • @j_liljedahl any chance truncate is one of the next features? :)

  • @hypoetical Yes, a "trim" function is planned. I haven't decided yet if I should submit my current new stuff (itunes song import, select all, and other improvements) or wait and add audiobus input slot support and trimming, which might take weeks until I find the time.

  • i would say,save the audiobus input for later and go for trimming now :)

  • Submitt what you have as a minor update

  • @j_liljedahl either way, love the app and looking forward to the updates!

  • +1 for trim. The lack of it is the sole reason that I don't use my copy of Audioshare!

    Now that we have Audiobus support sound design by recording samples straight into Audioshare would be the ideal workflow. But you've got to have normalize and trim to make this work without involving a third App and that kind of defeats the purpose.....

  • That is so true Skipp another thing to look at also when you Audio Copy a recording and go to Audio Paste it, it usually shows the last 10 Audio files you copy to clip board.Could there be a option to deletes these files.

  • Had this for a couple of weeks now. Great little app. Can't recommend it enough. Perfect companion piece for ios music apps

  • @Skipp: Normalize is already there (under the 'tools' button), but yes I'll look into trimming ASAP.

    @JuniorPops: I haven't seen any app that allows you to clear items from the sonoma ACP pasteboard, and I don't see anything in their SDK that allows this, sorry.

  • UPDATE: I found a way to clear individual items from the sonoma pasteboard, but it messes up the paste history so I won't add this feature.

  • but what about clearing ALL the files in the sonoma pasteboard?i'm looking more into that one instead of deleting selected files.

  • That would be easier. But why do you need it?

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