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iMPC for iPhone

edited August 2013 in General App Discussion

I'm not sure if it's Audiobus compatible, but Akai just released iMPC for the iPhone


  • Looks like there is no audiobus.... :-(

  • No Audiobus. And no mention of it. :/ Still, only $2.99 for all that content is a pretty good deal, although a universal version had been preferable.

  • was just thinking the same. $2.99 for quite the drum sample library (extract and bring into nanostudio, natch) seems like it might be worth it. :)

  • edited August 2013

    We'll wait forever for Audiobus support... :/
    I'm using the iMPC samples (which are great by the way) in my other (AB compatible) iOS samplers. That was the only way. Shame on you Akai.

  • How is the iPad app 280+mb (listed at but think its actually more installed) and the iPhone app only 45mb...

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    Hm the iPhone version is 259mb installed, and the iPad version 410mb. Another compression technique or less content, look complete at a glance tho. Gonna check the iPad content later, probably the legacy MPC sounds that's missing, if any.

  • Just opened it and it extracts on intial open if app that's why

  • Sucks that it's not Audiobus compatible, but if the samples are as good as you guys say they are it won't hurt giving this app a try. I wonder what's missing from the iPad version, if anything at all.

  • edited August 2013

    The "classic Akai MPC" sounds/kits aren't included in the iPhone version. Dunno if there's anything else, did the "classic" library really take up that much space?

  • In the iTunes description it reads "exclusive iMPC sound set and classic Akai Professional sound library." Are you sure the classic sounds aren't included? If not that's false advertisement, unfortunately. Oh well

  • Wast of time, Shame on AKAI , no AudioBus support

  • I'm still waiting for copy/paste in the Synthstation App. So i will never buy something from Akai professional(Ha,ha) again.

  • Yes the iPhone version doesn't include all the samples that are in the iPad version. Noticed that tonight

  • @Galaxyexplorer, I agree, I am not going to purchase another App from Akai until they start listening to their user base and update their Apps with most requested features.

  • Fortunately the drumsampler in BM2 works great together with cubasis.No need for the half baked akai shit (sorry).

  • Gotta give Akai some respect tho - it was their SynthStation25 got me into the iOS Musician scene. On my old 3G. Still an OK stnd-alone instrument.

  • But the iPhone version have 3d Perform it's really cool on the Note Repeat, you can change time of repeat just muving the iPhone :-)

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  • yeah, I rarely use the version for Ipad since it lacks audiobus, I do my drums in either Beatmaker 2, funk box or DM1. The novelty of having it on my Iphone would wear off too. I have Beatmaker 2 on my Iphone and didnt have to buy a separate version to do it. Its pretty obvious that retronyms want to be able to stream Impc into tabletop only which is sad cuz tabletop sucks. Akai just doesnt get it.

  • It's up to Akai, they don't want to add to much to iMPC, since they don't want it to affect their MPC sales. The concept is somewhat like NI and Maschine

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