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Sally Caster 2: The Revenge (new album from Doug Woods and Colin Powell)

Here is a video trailer for our new album,

A sequel to our very successful album: 'The Haunting of Sally Caster'.
This story is set 10 years later and the strange adventures of the past are almost forgotten...but not by everyone!
Several familiar characters are out for revenge but let's start with a trip to the seaside...
Perfect for listening to on Halloween, the download also comes with an illustrated storybook!

The album was made mainly in iOS (Doug also recorded some of his parts non-iOS but my parts are all 100% iOS or guitars recorded into iPad). There is a full list of apps in the accompanying storybook but they include Cubasis, Audiobus, Audio Mastering, Jamup Pro, Bias FX, Sample Tank 2, Thumbjam, Bismark bs-16i, SynthMaster, SilQ


  • You can listen to/download the full album here:

    By the way, Doug really hasn't been well at all the past few weeks so let's send him some good vibes, eh? :smile:

  • Sounds great, from what I've had a chance to listen to.

    Best wishes for you feeling better Doug!

  • Great preview Colin, I have to wait until tonight to listen, but that gives me something to look forward to. Cheers, and good luck with the album.

  • Very nice music.You get immersed in Sally Caster's adventures. It is like reading a book by listening the sequence of melodies, harmonies and rhythms . Good use of the instruments and effects as well as the recording.It is relaxing. Best wishes to Doug and a prompt recovery.

  • Thanks, guys, I pass your good wishes on to Doug.

  • I'm 1/2 way through, but just had to post a comment on how great this is. It's like a book that is hard to put down, but I have obligations and will have to finish this story later. Mmmm, so good!!!

  • Nice work gentlemen. Here's hoping you'll get well soon Doug. Sending good thoughts your way brother.

  • That is what we intended, @TozBourne :smile: the download even comes with a PDF book so you can read the story for each track :smile: even though I have obviously heard it quite a few times, I still get excited at the climax (oo-err, missus!)

    Cheers, @Ben I will pass your good thoughts on to Doug.

  • Great that you can still tinkle the digital ivories, Doug. We miss your reviews almost as much as you miss making them, so hoping you get well really soon.

  • Finished listening all the way through, then I bought it; nuff said.

  • Thank you very much, @TozBourne :)

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