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My new song, "Chorando"!

My new song, "Chorando", a jazzy samba in 3/4 signature. Enjoy, and have a nice week!


  • P.S.: recorded and finished in Auria, as always. Bass processed with Ampkit (but dry in the break), as well as the electric guitars. Classical guitar and Cavaco recorded with the built-in mic of the Apogee One and left as is, except for a bit of the built-in Auria ClassicVerb. Drums recorded in MIDI using Lyra, then the MIDI was used to trigger DrumPerfect Pro (Dry Kit), which had by its turn its outputs sent separately to Auria via IAA. The drums were sent to a subgroup and processed with MicroWarmer, and the whole mix was processed with Saturn before bounced to be mastered.

  • Thanks for the thums up, cuscolima!

  • If someone has missed it, 'Chorando' means 'Crying'.

  • Oh, yeah! Thank you, @fjcblanco! Portuguese speaker?

  • Really,really nice!! Thanks for sharing !

  • @theconnactic said:
    Oh, yeah! Thank you, @fjcblanco! Portuguese speaker?

    Nope. Spanish. But in Galicia we speak 'gallego' which is similar to Portuguese.

  • edited October 2016

    Nice to know. Galego and Portuguese are quite the same language. For a Brazilian, it's even easier to understand the speech of a Galego than some accents of Portugal proper. In fact, "Galego" is a slang for a Portuguese.

  • @flo26 said:
    Really,really nice!! Thanks for sharing !

    Thank you very much indeed!

  • Siiik brah!

  • @johnn said:
    Siiik brah!

    Thank you very much indeed!

  • P.S.: oh, forgot to say: the mastering was also done in Auria, in a new project, using the FabFilters ProQ2, ProMB and ProL, in this order.

  • @theconnactic said:
    In fact, "Galego" is a slang for a Portuguese.

    You're wrong. In the beginning, there was one language: the 'galaico-portugués', which becane two different languages (Portuguese & Galician kingdoms). Yes, long time ago, Spain was a kind of 'Game of Thrones'.

    I like a lot the 'Chorando' track, by the way. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hey, @fjcblanco: regarding the part of my post you quoted, I'm not wrong: here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, we cariocas call Portuguese people "galegos" (among other nicknames) as a slang!

    There's even a Chico Buarque song, "O Malandro", where the slang is used as I describe: google the lyrics, and listen to the song, which is very good.

    Anyway I hear you, and had no intention of taking part in political geography discussions, and to offend you by any means. Just to make it clear.

    Glad to know you liked the song! Thank you very much indeed!

  • Ok. Yes, because there was a lot of galician people that emigrate to South America, spanish was called 'gallegos'

    No offense, of course. Here it's very appreciated the music from Toquinho, A.Carlos Jobim, among other brazilian legends.

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