Multiple Output Audio with surround panning

I wonder if there is an app to used with Audiobus to route several single audio sources via surround panning to multiple Outputs of my Babyface Pro (or any other IOS compatible audio Hardware with more than 2 Channels)


    MiMix does this trick - quote from their website:
    MiMiX(mini) supports multi-output hardware devices, up to 12 stereo pairs

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    Thank you for your help!

    What I want to do is to route freely in listening space - let's say, I position 4 (or more) speakers in the room (front left, front right, rear left, rear right).

    MiMiX - I just see stereo panning and selectable stereo output (looks very stereo with the VUs and FFT:-) - no surround panning:-( great Midi capabilities tough:-)

    AUM - great app - also here you can route to hardware outputs, but only to a fixed stereo pair.

    Is there a mixing app with surround pan instead of stereo pan?
    Any Ideas to route one Instrument to several stereo channels in the named apps above and then automate the panning via Midi?

  • @AocusticGuitar: I don't think you'll be able to find it on ios. I was looking everywhere (I think)-(if you find something, pleease let me know, too...). Still forced to use my mac for the surround-panning (which might be better in the long run, for keeping processor-load small on ios, well, what do I know..). Good luck anyways!

  • Well, it's a new day and my brain spent the night sub-consciously asking itself, how is this not possible on iOS ???

    So this morning I asked my little brain and I'm convinced that this is totally doable with two apps:

    1. An audio routing app like AUM or mimix which can Route to four separate hardware audio channels. These would go to your four speakers.
    2. A midi controller app that can do cross fades and XY grids. I know midi designer pro can do this and it's just a matter of mapping the controls to properly affect each of the four channels in AUM
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    Curiosity got the best of me. I made a draft MIDI Designer Pro template, not perfect, but I think it will totally work! ""

    Just MIDI learn the four knobs to send CC commands to the volume faders for your four hardware audio output sends in AUM

  • Thank you Hmtx! This sounds awesome!!
    I just dived into AUM & Midi designer..but it's difficult.

    Would you be able to give an advice regarding "Knob" an "XY pad" settings in Midi Designer?

    x=100%, y=100% should only be Knob 46 on 100%, all the others 0%
    x=100%, y=0% should only be Knob 47 on 100%, all the others 0%
    x=0%, y=100% should only be Knob 46 on 100%, all the others 0%
    x=0%, y=0% should only be Knob 46 on 100%, all the others 0%
    x=50%, y=50% should be all knobs at 50% (for the moment)

    Your help is very much appreciated.

  • OK - I did my homework, here's the description:

    ..still far from being a real surround panner - but for now - a good step in the right direction.

    Any other Ideas?!

  • This is the sort of thing I've been saying for some time that should be provided as a base level in our devices.

  • u0421793, this is interesting.
    I just followed an onsite workshop on VR at Technische Universität of Ilmenau.
    Several aspects had been demonstrated:
    Audio and Video, both in a virtual listening environment via current headmounted technology (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Microsoft Hololens) and wave field synthesis in a real room via multiple speaker arrays an a screen (2D, 3D and in a cage - inside a cube viewing environment)

    My current goal is setting up a live show playing acoustic fingerstyle guitar on stage surrounded by a soundscape that is moving across the room:

    • The soundscape is prepared and more or less static.
    • The live playing part is very interactive and therefore I am looking for ways to not only control the effect chain (via apps like Tonestack, Bias FX.., but also the position of this sound in the listening room.

    Your thoughts, given the fact of a screen to look at, are very valid.
    In a live situation I sometimes ask the audience to close their eyes. This works quiet well just because of the song/ performance, even in stereo PA setup.
    For now I can only experiment with what a 4 Speaker setup can create "inside" the listener:-)

  • Bump...
    Anyone have any further success with surround panning via IOS?
    I was hoping maybe TC Data outputting midi control data could be used as a starting point - then maybe MAX - or even ZMors?

  • For a real 5.1 or 7.1 final put device you'll probably have to go to Audulus and build it up yourself. 4.0 is basically quad vinyl from the 70's.

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    I'm hoping to do up to 32 channels of surround panning - as I can get 32 outputs with IOS on the Antelope Orion 32

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    If more people are interested I can make a similar to @Hmtx layout in PureData and MobMuPlat app .
    For 4 channels I assume?
    Edit: no audio routing, simple controller

  • I recently performed live with a quad rig using two iPads, AUM and an iCA4+, I used MIDILFOs as well as an XY pad to move sounds around the space.

    It was a lot more complex than this in total but the essence of it was routing outputs 1+3 to 1+2 and 2+4 to 3+4.

    I then set hardware inputs 9+10 to be received by both units and routed all audio I wished to be movable through this track. This audio came back into both machines with one sending from 1+2 (1+3) and the other through 3+4 (2+4). The track was run through Stereo Designer on each machine and I used MIDI Learn to allow me direct control of each channel. I used identical sets of panning nodes in AUM duplicated across both devices as well as Stereo Designer's functionality to manipulate the space.

    Sounds a bit complex written down hit it worked very well for me. I'd recommend tweaking around until you come up with your own variation that works for you.

    Here's a shot from that concert. This is Saydyy posing with the Moog System 55, after the performance finished!

  • Nice work OscarSouth!
    Anyone doing many more outputs in surround?

  • Compliments on this picture.

  • k-mix by keith mcmillen seems to have a surround panning controller to be controlled via midi (CC messages). Anyone tested this?
    Furthermore, is it possible to control the surround positioning on the Software Playback Channels as well?

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