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Anyone using Behringer U-phoria UMC204HD interface with iPad?



  • @Ben said:

    @dickiefunk said:
    Just found this thread. I’ve just picked up a Behringer UMC404HD today. As some of you are aware the UMC404HD is mains powered and comes with its own mains power supply. I have the USB2 Apple Camera Kit and am getting the “UMC404HD 192k. This accessory requires to much power“ message. Apples USB3 Camera Kit allows you to plug both iPad and UMC404HD into the mains.

    If I have both my iPad and UMC404HD plugged into the mains will this solve the power issue!? I really don’t want to have to go down the route of buying a powered USB hub as well.

    That combination worked without issue for me. (Air2)

    Great! That’s good to know.

  • I bought the USB3 Apple Camera Kit yesterday and everything is working perfectly now :)

  • Thanks for all the info in this thread.

    I was wondering if anyone has used this with the Yousician app? It's not listed as a supported interface for iPad but I get to much noise with the irig 2.

    Id be using the 404HD with an iPad air 2

  • Hi guys,

    I’m having issues with my UMC404HD again! I had it working great last year with the Apple USB3 camera kit but I’m now getting the “this accessory requires too much power” message again!?
    I have the UMC404HD connected to the mains with by its power adapter. I then have it plugged into the USB3 camera kit via USB cable and then the USB3 camera kit is plugged both into the mains and iPad?

    Any ideas why this has now stopped working?

  • I had it working with a powered usb 2 hub instead of powering the umc404. This way you can also hook up some usb midi keys.
    Maybe turning on the phantom power makes it draw to much power?

  • The phantom power is turned off. Bizarrely all was working fine last year ? I was running 4x LDC’s with phantom power on and midi controller connected .

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