More slots for FX

Is it possible to make an extra FX slot (or two) for use with more than one FX? Thanks!


  • Especially since a lot of developers are starting to produce apps specializing in a single effect type (ie Reverb, delay, filter, etc). :-)

  • Parallel is apparently planned, dunno about series...

  • We're currently working on some stuff for iOS 7 but after that this is very high on our to-do list.

  • Sebastian, can you comment on MIDI in Audiobus?

  • "Parallel is apparently planned, dunno about series" /PaulB

    How bout modular, just let the user decide? I know simplicity in regards to the user interface is prio número uno for the Audiobus guys, and I definitely understand that. But, I'm sure those dudes can come up with something that'll work! :)

  • I can't really comment on much more. There's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes right now but nothing is as clear as I'd like it to be so I can be more specific. But more complex routing along with preset management is something that we know has to happen as one of the next steps.

  • Thanks Sebastian for letting us know what you can! :-)

  • 4 months without an update, Cubasis I salute you.

    I live in hope of the future of iOS 7...,

  • +1 cubasis salute!

  • Steinberg is doing this right, I agree.

    That being said - our plans have been interrupted for releasing some new features by what's going to change in iOS 7.

    We have an obligation to make sure hundreds of third party developers' apps work together flawlessly. We also feel like we've got a unique position which can be used to improve iOS for musicians and developers alike. Sadly that means lots of communication going on in the background, specifications to write, plans to coordinate.

    And sometimes it also means that we've got to postpone releasing some highly requested features.

  • So are we to assume that there will be no "big" update until iOS7 comes out? And then you'll hit us with something huuuuuge?

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    Let me put it like this: we're working hard on making Audiobus better for everybody. We've got a few things up our sleeves that could be considered huge but I doubt that they're going to be part of the next update.

    I know you're all waiting for the next big thing from Audiobus so here's some insight into our way of working and thinking:

    It's not really a secret that Audiobus can work over WiFi and that that's part of its feature-set since the first version but we've disabled that feature because roughly a year ago we were not convinced that it would make a great product with the state of WiFi networks and devices back then.

    So one thing that we're working on is figuring out how to enable that capability with the quality and ease of use that makes it sufficiently reliable, fun, and useful at the same time. We think that might be what constitues a 'huge' feature but it is NOT part of the next update.

    Why not, you're asking?

    Mike and myself are opposed to doing things 'sort of' right, instead of doing them right. Audiobus is still a two man team and it works great because we're automating a lot and doing all of the support for developers and users ourselves. We simply cannot afford to disappoint or confuse a even small fraction of our considerably large user base since we'd drown in support requests. And of course it'd suck.

    We're not keen on building stuff that sucks. :)

  • I for one am with you Seb.

    There's been far too much blowing and sucking going on round here of late.

  • +1 for doing it right...given what you guys have done so far, I'm sure the wait will be worth it, and I would rather have all devs push out rock solid apps, rather than something half baked. I realize that there are so many variables to consider and perfection is an unreasonable expectation, but I've seen too many devs miss some pretty basic stuff, which led me to believe it was rushed. I'm anxious, but I'm happy with AB as it is, so any improvements would just be a plus.

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    +1 for doing it right.

    I'm especially pleased to infer that you may be in a position to influence the development of iOS7 a little (as it pertains to musicians). Might you also be able to encourage the powers that be to fix some of the reported bugs in CoreAudio? ;-)

  • +1 For the best as opposed to better.

  • Just to clarify: I'm not claiming we have any influence over how Apple designs/ships iOS 7. I'm just saying were able to provide a service to all developers and users and our goal is to make music making a more straight-forward experience in the future.

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    @Sebastian: Apologies. I was evidently reading too much between the lines. Let's hope anyway that the system developers at Apple are more aware of iOS musicians' needs and aspirations than they were pre-Audiobus :D

  • Great to hear some insight from you Sebastian.

    I think Audiobus is ready for its next natural step, whatever that may be.

  • Audio over WiFi will be great. Bluetooth audio quality is pretty sad although sometimes useful. 802.11 working group and some of the big companies (see WICED Broadcom) are working on putting in the hooks to WiFi to enable high quality audio. However, this could still take years to realize in an iphone/ipad

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