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Theme Song In Search Of A 70s TV Detective Show

edited July 2013 in Creations

Thought I'd post the results of my first Cubasis project. It's an instrumental in case you're an anti-instrumental type person. Feel free to comment. I'm just a self taught, living room musician so don't expect a Grammy winner.

Apps used: Cubasis, Drum Loops HD, iLectric Piano, iGrand Piano, AmpKitPlus, Galileo and Nave.

This was strictly a headphones project. I listened to the mixdown on four different pairs and it sounded too bassy on one and too trebly on another. I figured I'd split the difference and leave it alone.


  • I like it..and it is very 70's..and the mix pretty good...the wah effected piano, if it is a piano could be a little quieter and the drums a touch louder..other than that it's OK..track moves along at a nice pace and has a good soundtrack feel to it..

  • Thanks. I had lowered the wah clavinet's volume a couple of times already in the past week and was debating dropping it another decibel or two but didn't. Pretty much the same thing with the drums. I finally made the "this is it" decision or I'd be tweaking this thing for the next month.

    While I'm here, another minor quibble I have with Cubasis is its lack of level markers on its meters. I don't know why something so visually basic isn't there. It made using the built in compressor more difficult than need be.

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