Solved ! - Loopy - new midi binding : add toggle reverse on current track

Hello @Michael

Could you plan on adding a new midi binding ?
"Add toggle reverse on current selected track."
In fact I don't have enough buttons on my midi controller, and I have already a fast way to access each loops/record/erase thru midi, but with the current Toggle reverse, I need to select also each individual track, that means 6 new buttons on my controller...
I rather have just one button configured to do this reverse operation, while I'm on any current track where I'm already on.
Hope that make sense.
Thanks for considering. (as always... :) )


  • @crony this feature is already in Loopy.

    Track Actions > "toggle reverse" > "selected track"

  • @Hmtx said:
    @crony this feature is already in Loopy.

    Track Actions > "toggle reverse" > "selected track"

    Yes, but you need to select a track...That's what I'm saying.
    What I'm asking is a toggle reverse on current track playing (no need to assign to a specific track)
    See the difference ?

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    Ok ok ok, if you don't select a track number, you can save your binding from there, it's doing what I need...
    Now I've got it...So simple I'm too dumb to use it... :)
    Thanks @Michael @Hmtx

  • ;-)
    No worries. Glad you got it sorted.

    Loopy is such a remarkable app. I don't even have the time to explore all the ideas and possibilities.

  • Almost a masterpiece. Almost.

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    i just need a way to load thru midi my sessions and it would be all good for me...:)
    Maybe it already exist, I'll check that ...
    That said, I'm really rediscovering the app, so stable , so user friendly, so many midi interactions available, (on , off, on hold, soooooo clever, so useful...) so great to use with other apps live...
    I'll post soon a video :)

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