Multitrack DAW is cleverly optimized....

..but I truly hope that another DAW hops on board soon; MT-DAW is woefully short on decent FX. I'd love it if they'd optimize their app a bit more. Joining split sections, easier looping of individual tracks, multiple takes, better / more varied Echo / Reverb, etc.


  • I love Multitrack DAW. It was my go-to ios daw before I got Auria. now with Auria around, obviously that is where I spend more time. Well, I *did spend more time in there until the release of Audiobus. Now I'm back in Multitrack for obvious reasons. AND...I'll probably stay in here. For me, I have an ipad 2 and the CPU can get maxed out in Auria by itself. I'm guessing that there isn't a snowballs chance in hades that I'll be able to actually use Thumbjam into Audiobus into Auria on there. I'm ok with that for now. Multitrack DAW has a nice tiny footprint and gets me where I need to be. I can then take them (painfully track by track) over into Auria for mastering if I get so inclined. Just my two unsolicited cents.

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    Oh, I wouldn't have posted impressions if I weren't soliciting opinions!

    I guess you've got a fine point there! Use ABus w/ MultiDAW to record unprocessed trax, then dump it all into a more robust MT recorder, once Abus is closed, to trick out w/ effects!

    Nice workflow tip.

    How does Auria behave, on its own, w/ an iPad 2?

  • I love it. There isn't anything quite like Auria out there. It squeezes every ounce of power out of my iPad 2 when I really get it going with effects like ProQ (which words cannot do justice for - you've just gotta see and hear it). It's so incredibly awesome sounding that I don't even mind having to close down every other app to use it on there. They're implementing audiobus now, but as I said, you can probably guess this isn't going to be ideal for us iPad 2ers. I have an iPhone 5 with loads more processing power but no step poly arp or Auria :-(. I have heard great things about Auria on an iPad 4 and its definitely on my wish list but I decided to buy Christmas presents for my family again this year so it'll have to wait for now ;-)

  • Plus, MT is universal. But I love Auria too...

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    I reckon MT will always be more efficient at capture. That app runs on 3GS devices without so much as a hiccup. Pretty incredibly.

    If MT had a 'bounce all tracks to Sanoma Clipboard', it'd be dreamy. Or if Auria could register itself as an 'open in' app for zip files and it knew what to do with an MT generated zip. Yum.

  • Oh yeah, love both of those ideas. I think I'd like the zip method better, but if I could get them all in one shot with a mass C&P that would work too. Anything is better than highlight (and potentially highlight again and again and again if you have lots of parts to your track) then hover and copy (wait for the process to finish) then open Auria and paste in. Still, though, we're so far away from where we were a week ago. I can live with this. Really it just motivates me to get my sound right on the first try ;-)

  • Have a question with multitrackdaw being pretty much the only compatible daw and i agree on the "lack of fx" as far as taking advantage of the audiobus feature: what would be some of yalls suggestions compatible app wise to dump raw audio from MT and adcing a variety of vocal effects?!

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    IKMultimedia has their share of customer relation problems you'll find around various forums, but I think their vocallive app is pretty awesome as far as vocal effects are concerned. I've tried almost all of the others and they're basically toys. The VocalLive app is the closest you'll come to something of any quality. Only supports Audio Copy/Paste for the time being. Not sure if they have any plans to implement Audiobus or not. It took them a really long time (like well over a year) to implement ACP, so who knows. It is a good vocal effects processing app though.

    And I think there is a free version out there you can try first as well. I would just recomend buying the full version instead of doing the IAP route if you get the free one and like it.

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