Why comment on the spam???? Please just let that junk die

We all hate the spam threads that pop up. Why are we prolonging its presence by commenting on it and making it bubble back up to the top of the list. Arghh! Now I'll have to go make some angry music, thanks guys

Don't worry, I'm not really angry ;-)

But seriously...

And if you really like perusing the spam, why don't you ask @sebastian if he'll set you up as a forum Mod so you can just delete them for us.


  • Ok. @sebastian if you authorize me, I will blast spam with a vengeance!

  • @Hmtx For me, it was just easier bringing my attention to the dislike of it to the developers in the actual thread. My only hope was that either a moderator would be assigned as a "spam assassin" or that something might be done to make it harder for non-forum members to post to the forum. Sebastian & Co. have been quiet lately, but I hoped they would see what I've been complaining about, if it was bumped. Right or wrong (likely wrong ;-) ) that was my reasoning. Hope that makes sense...

  • One problem with addressing the issue within a spam thread is that I think spammers have software that can track when their threads are viewed/ clicked/ responded to even if we don't click on the actual spam links... So it might not be helping the situation.

  • Hmmm...If that's the case, that is bad. :-(

  • spam bots aren't that smart just yet.

  • Wouldn't adding a captcha in order to post a comment be a way to prevent the bots?

  • It would also be a way for me to not ever post here again! Spam isn't that bad here, I'm not sure what the big deal is.

  • LOL! I wondered if a captcha would be a little too draconian. However, maybe a captcha for signing up, to make sure the person signing up is a real person.....or possibly sending the new person that is signing up an email and having that person respond from that email address would be a good way to protect against bots and fake email accounts.... then it wouldn't affect anyone once he/she is a member of the forum--the registration ordeal could be forgotten (I don't remember what I did to register here as it is LOL!).

  • Captchas for sign-up sounds good, plus an authorized spam hunter so the Masterminds don't have to do it.

    Not a huge deal, but if I were a new forum visitor and saw three of the most recent threads were for hello kitty, I might not take the forum seriously :-) (which, today might be the first time we've had more than a few spam posts in a day, including comments on legitimate threads)

    And that's the last thing we want: people posting here who don't take it seriously or show the respect for others we are accustomed to here.

  • Agreed! It doesn't make the company of the forum seem serious about quality, and may not make people take things seriously.

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    Just Sebastian visiting the forum now and then could sort it maybe ?

    He could even do it from his yacht :)

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    I'm visiting the forum every day and I'm deleting the threads. So far it's only one or two spam threads every few days. Is this really something that bothers you guys so much that it has to disappear within minutes?

    We've already taken precautions for spambot reduction. Believe it or not, some people actually spam manually...

  • Come on ; 90 % of the postings is SPAM IMHO :-)

  • Is that sarcasm or am I just not seeing it?

  • Make it sarcasm ;-)

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    Thanks, Sebastian, for everything! It's really not a big deal, just a peeve of mine. It mostly just bothers me when the spam threads get more exposure because people are replying to it, keeping it at the top of the list. Hence, the original request to forum users: just let it die!

    And really, I'm not even asking you to delete the posts. These days there are so many active legit threads that if the spam is ignored, it will naturally disappear quickly.

    So for the rest of us:

    Maybe as a rule, the first person to spot it could reply with "spam, please delete". That would make it easy to do a quick text search for "spam" and delete them all. [edit: don't even bother with this, just let it die:) ]

    Remember, we're trying to make less work here for Sebastian. ;-)

  • Thank you but it's really not necessary to mark it as spam. It's obvious and I'm already talking with someone who might be able to help fight it.

  • thanks!

  • I just wanted to comment on the comment about not commenting on spam

  • Haha, I've been waiting for that @boone51

  • I am guilty of answering. I'll stop. I really like this forum and would hate to see it turn into some of the others!

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    I've given Guillermo Navarrete moderator permissions. He's a mod at the Steinberg and KVR forums as well so now we've got one more person looking out for spam and being able to delete it.

    Everybody say hi to Guillermo!

  • Great! Thanks for the assist on this Guillermo and welcome to the forum.

  • Hey Guillermo, welcome aboard. @ Sebastian Thanks.

  • Thank you Sebastian!!!!! Welcome Guillermo!!!! :-)


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    Guillermo, If we see spam, shall we PM you here on the site (to make it easier for you)?

  • If it were me, I'd not want multiple PMs (and email notifications) every time a spammer posts to the forum when it doesn't take much to find them in the first place.

  • Thanks everyone, and especially Guillermo. Welcome!

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