Feature Request: Prevent Feedback Loops

Hi Sebastian,

instead of just twittering, which gets lost any way at the moment. I'll open a discussion here.
I had several times encountered the problem of an active MIC input when loading up Audiobus Apps. This can lead to some pretty nasty feedback loops when you don't have headphones plugged into your iPad. The MIC input only gets muted if you have at least one app in the input and output sections. If you for instance connect Magellan into the input slot and have Audulus run a filter patch with resonance and you have not yet selected for example the speaker output in the Audiobus Output section your pretty much doomed :). The speaker Output will crossfeed into the still active MIC input get passed to Audulus where the filter and channel will eventually overload :)

Could you prevent this from happening? i.E. how about having the speaker Output as a default in the output section so when loading an app into the input slot the audiobus chain is already complete. Or how about just muting the MIC input until you actually select it in the connection panel?

This may be an issue for the app dev's as well because for instance with Audulus it does only mute the mic and connect to audiobus once that is loaded from the connection panel. If you make the mistake of opening audulus by itself then loading that effect patch with the active input your doomed again.

Looking forward to your opinion.


  • This is a tricky one. It would mean that developers probably would have to watch for dropped Audiobus connections and then make sure their apps don't turn into Feedback Monsters...

  • Another solution might be to replace the input side of an app as soon as you put it in the effect slot or output slot. If there's nothing in the input slot, it would just feed it silence. But as soon as you put something (an app or mic input) in the input slot, it all functions as normally.

  • Well probably just have to pay attention in which order to activate or deactivate Apps in Audiobus.

  • How about having a kill audio button function for audiobus which you can press when you first start audiobus and can then toggle off once you think you've got your connections going correctly. It's functionality could be similar to a "MIDI panic" button that's used to kill stuck midi notes when you develop problems with your midi setup? This could save a lot of ears and speakers. It might even be a useful function when you're recording and don't need to hear the audio (for example when audio is dropping out but is still stable enough for audiobus error correction to record correctly).

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