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Hi, I don't really need to rewire apps, but is it possible to switch quickly on the fly between apps with Audiobus? For example: Play piano with one app, and do the solo with another app? THNX Rene


  • Cool thnx! that's already worth the money! Gonna buy it.

  • Hey, I just found out that I can switch to all my Audiobus apps from Genome (even Audiobus itself). Is there any way that Audiobus apps could switch back to Genome from the side panel too?

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    Not until Genome supports Audiobus itself. We know that's something people want but it's a bit tricky to implement right now for Genome since it doesn't have its own audio engine and Audiobus requires that.

  • Hi Sebastian, thanks for the reply. Seems MidiBridge has the Audiobus apps too; I've even managed to use it to switch to Audiobus using my MIDI keyboard! I imagine that app would be in the same category, but having those two (for me for sure) switchable from Audiobus apps and with MIDI commands via MidiBridge would be awsome for workflow. One for the future I guess.

  • I think you can switch via MIDI commands from an external controller via MIDI bridge's magic. Maybe you can use that until Genome gets Audiobus support.

  • Yes, that is what I am doing. The good thing is I can now switch to an Audiobus app from MidiBridge using my controller, but from then on I can't use the external controller to switch again. I'll ping the developers and see what they say.

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