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New Track..Cubasis 1.5...16 track demo..1 new AM drum track and Micrologue overdubbed 15 times

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This funky little track is nearly all Micrologue execpt for the drums...I'm really impressed with the new update and this synth..great and easy anologue modelling...very clean sound..also put most of the new features through their paces...every four tracks I used the freeze function..I used undo at least 5 or 6 times..mixed down exported re imported...This new update functioned without hopefully they have fixed some of the more serious issues..when it was finished I cleaned it up a bit in Audiomastering...anyway its a fun little funky number and only lasts about a minute...I found that by keeping the sound demo's short people listen to the whole always please enjoy..


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    [email protected] +1 for impressed with Micrologue Synth. It's got really nice sounds. After I figured out how to eliminate pops and clicks on my ipad 2 all is well. The freeze function is awesome. Without that, the Micrologue would be unusable on my ipad 2. Thanks for the track. Btw what drums did you use?

  • This is really nice. Is that arp built into Micrologue? Totally making me want Cubasis even more now.

  • Not really played with the new features yet but this may give me the motivation. Very nice! :)

  • @mgmg4871 hey..the drums are from the new midi loops you get with the update..two loops used, and the freeze is very cool and useful..I found the iPad 4 got unstable after around four or five tracks..
    @jesse_ohio...I had to play everything in real time as I dont think the Micrologue has an arpeggiator which is a any little mistakes I made I just hit quantize at 16th's and that sorted it out..but it is a pain playing a sequence over and I had yo undo several takes..

  • That sounds good. Thanks for sharing.

    Here's hoping for a 1/2 price sale for the summer :-) .

  • That was a fun little demo. It reminded me of soundtrack music from the 80s.

  • Haha...yeah Jo says I still live in the 80’s..

  • Awesome.

  • @thesoundtestroom wow, arps with no arp. Sounded authentic. Great job!

  • Great job!

  • High hats and cymbals were a touch loud for me, but I know that's a personal preference. Overall I liked the playing and the arrangement, some of the sounds just felt a little simple to me. Good playing though, and I liked that you kept changing things up so it never got samey sounding.

  • This is really well produced and really good playing and all. But..oh my god @ the 30 sec mark I immediately started getting 80s movies Beverly Hills Cop being the first thing that popped into my head. Anyway I love 80s stuff so it's all good lol!

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