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Grown Cold [My first real songbaby]

edited July 2013 in Creations

Hi all. I haven't been posting much lately due to life, etc, but I finally got a chance to dust off my iPad Mini since my last track (Hop onto the Bus) and make something new!

I'm pretty nervous posting this since it's my first "real" song, with real lyrics, about myself mostly, and I sing and stuff. But since this is a 100% iPad/Audiobus creation I just had to share. Hope you kinda like it... and as always, use headphones and turn it up :D


  • Very atmospheric. Most of it is excellent, but you might want to cast a critical ear over the snare drum part and ask yourself if it's doing what you want it to.

  • I really like this...very cool use of reverb..and the repetitive organ is spot on..

  • Thanks Paul.

    The idea for that drum was kind of a breakbeat sound to be very intense following the bridge part. It was literally my first take, and I did live on my MPK Mini's pads, which I've never recorded with before, so it was not.... perfect. As you noticed. But the more I listened to it the more it grew on me, and it seems to fit naturally to me now.

    Would you mind elaborating though on your point? Are you referring to the general snare timing issues or the beat I chose altogether? I welcome the feedback and criticism, so you can be honest :)

  • @thesoundtestroom Thanks!! I'm a reverbholic, it's probably overdone, but that's me I guess. I know BM2 supposedly has junk reverb but hey, seems okay to me.

    And thanks about the organ. That was the foundation for the song, I had just plugged my MPK Mini in for almost the first time and was plunking around in SampleTank with the apreggiator on and hit on that. Getting it looped cleanly was a major pain though. Let's just say me and Loopy have a love/hate relationship--- but mostly love :)

  • No problem with your choice of beat. The timing inaccuracies are part of the problem, certainly, but the fact that the snare sample never varies in timbre or volume, especially in the fills, is the biggest thing that spoils it for me.

  • OK, noted. I might revisit it, because that's true enough. The timing doesn't bother me so much personally, I actually like a little bit of looseness to it. But you're certainly right about the snare variation, and I didn't give that much consideration. Thanks for the feedback!

  • I like the choice of sounds overall. :)

  • It would benefit from being 'tighter' but I really like it anyway. Thanks, @jesse_ohio :)

  • I like it @jessie_ohio. What apps were used?

  • Good stuff. Seems to be a few weird sounds on the vocal track, but other than that, really nice.

  • Thanks all!

    @washboy tighter -- definitely. This is still kind of in "demo" territory, but it's the most complete thing I've ever done on an iPad so I'm calling it done. TBH the whole thing needs re-recorded with an emphasis on spot-on timing and transitions. That's something I need to work on -- a lot of times I'll start a song off an experimental little riff or loop that I record, and it's "good enough for now", but not perfect. Then way down the line it's already deeply embedded in the track and I don't want to gut it just to fix it. Need to work on getting it right the first time 'round.

    @funjunkie27 thanks! Tools used:

    • iPad Mini
    • SampleTank (piano, organ, drum samples)
    • Audiobus (magic juju)
    • Loopy (base loop recorder)
    • BeatMaker 2 (arrangement, editing, effects)
    • DM-1 (some drums)
    • Akai MPK Mini (keys and pads)

    @Splitpin - yup, those verse recordings are rough. It was into my iPad Mini mic sitting in my car with the AC vents blowing on me and rustling paper, etc... I do almost all my recording on my lunch break so it's not really the best environment, haha. I know it's laughable and should be fixed. I went to re-record it with an actual mic but forgot the right cable and decided the current vocals were okay, and I like the lo-fi sound of them anyway.

  • edited July 2013

    If you have the multitracked parts, you can realign out of time events using split and drag. If you do this on copies of the original tracks you can revert to the originals if you don't like the results.

  • I liked the scene you set in the first few minutes with this one, good tone and the repetition worked FOR the track and not against it. The vocals that cam in right before the drop, and the weird stadium rock snare were my only real issues, and neither was major. Could have maybe been a minute shorter and still got your message across too.

    But overall I thought it was pretty solid, good sort of longing vibe to it.

  • I see what people mean about the snare - even just mixing it lower would help I feel as right now it swamps the rest of the song. But the rest, I really like, interesting and well produced with a catchy central riff. Worth remixing with some of the above advice!

  • @PaulB yeah, I'm pretty familiar with post-editing timing issues, but I'd rather record it right the first time if possible. I've got a lot of practicing to do on keyboard and drumpads to get more accurate in my timing.

    @Tarekith thanks for the feedback! I agree, it might be a tad long. I wanted to get that repetition set up as it really drives the whole song, and that took a couple-few minutes. But yeah, I could probably trim it back some and get the same message across - good tip. There is definitely an art to song structure and pacing that I am only now beginning to realize.

    @PhilW thanks man! Appreciated.

    Working on my next production now. I really want to make something more lighthearted but I honestly have a hard time coming up with ideas for a song like that.

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