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  • Someone has sampled the bejezus out of a bunch of church organs and made them available as soundfont files. Lots of high quality stuff with only a very few naff presets. All free under Creative Commons.

  • For those who have it - HyperTunes support soundFonts as well. It not very clear it does, they added that option in a not so recent update, but never changed the app's main description to reflect it.

  • How is Hypertunes? I've not heard about it before now.

  • Complicated.. I used it very little. Will have another attempt at it soon ('s what i have been telling myself over and again since i got it..)

  • It looked complicated but interesting. It has some pretty good reviews too.

  • Are there any soundfont editors/creator apps for iOS?

  • Not that I've been able to find. That would be good to have.

  • Sorry,unrelated to Paulinkos question

    Found another sf2 player on the AppStore called midi keyboard

    Supports sf2 and other formats ..looks like works with coreMIDI only but has many features

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    I found a free PC soundfont player with some seriously nice orchestral sounds. Apparently most of them from here.

    EDIT: They require unpacking after download using sfpack, which I've done. If you want to hang on, I'll dropbox the best soundfonts tomorrow evening and post a link.

  • Always game for more quality SFs @PaulB. Thanks mate.

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  • PaulB said:

    EDIT: They require unpacking after download using sfpack, which I've done. If you want to hang on, I'll dropbox the best soundfonts tomorrow evening and post a link.

    That would be great - thanks.

    Also, what PC soundfont player are you using?

  • Here are the best soundfonts from the darksword link I posted earlier.

    @richardyot The free player was Artifake's Symphonia, it only plays the soundfonts it comes with, as they're embedded in the VSTi dll.
    It's available here.

    To audition the sf2 files once I'd unpacked them I just used Extreme Sample Converter's built in audition feature.

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  • Thanks much @PaulB. Some nice sounds!

  • Thanks @PaulB , that orchestral soundfont really sounds great, given the small size and all.

    The Ken ardently drum soundfont doesn't work in Bismark bs-16i, the preset list is empty and it'll crash the app. But, I recognize the name of the font so I'm pretty sure I've tried that one a couple of weeks ago with the same result. Do any of those PC/Mac apps let you see inside a font, how the samples are mapped and so on?

  • @ChrisG - favorite editor is SynthFont's Viena. You can drag & drop from one soundfont to another. Makes it easy to snag your favorite instruments out of whatever soundfont package and put it in your own, without having to edit all the settings and samples again

  • Thanks, gonna grab Viena. I do remember that one from like the late 90s or something. But it's like soundfonts are being revived all over again, so probably gonna need that again :)

  • I couldn't find anything on their site @JMSexton, but I assume SynthFont is PC only...right? If so, can anyone recommend an editor for the Mac?

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    @ChrisG Switch to MIDI channel 10 in bs-16i and the Ken Ardley drums will work. No need to select a patch.


    Midway down page is Viena download...I assume its PC only but not sure

  • Yep....PC only. The only Mac editor I've found is Polyphontics, Polyphone, and SWAMI, although I can't find a link to download SWAMI. I'm gonna give the others a try.

  • @PaulB thanks, that worked

  • @funjunkie27 - I've used Polyphone, go with that one

  • Mmm...looks like that is PC only too. That narrows down the options at least.

  • Many, many thanks.

  • Check out Caustic in the App Store. It is a music creation tool inspired by rack-mount synthesizer/sampler rigs. It was just released for iOS, but has been one of the best, if not the best, music production apps for Android for a couple of years.

    You can load soundfonts into the PCMSynth. I have tried it and it works great. Every now and then one won't load. I'm not sure why, yet, but there is pobably a good reason that will probably be fixed in the near futur. Most of them load fine, however. There will be updates coming with the usuals like AudioCopy/Paste, etc. The developer has been very dedicated to his product.

    P.S. Thanks JMSexton for the uploads! Awesome!

  • Sorry for the ghost thread bump, but this an outstanding reference that helped me with my new purchase of Bismark BS-16i. For anyone joining this discussion even later than me, note the following:

    (1) The Soundfont format that works with BS-16i should end with the .sf2 extension. If you find files online (such as through this thread) already with that extension, you don't need Goodreader. You should be able to "open in" Bs-16i directly, or do what I do and store them in DropBox so you can access them at anytime with a program like AudioShare.

    (2) If you find zipped Soundfonts (such as .rar format), THEN you follow the steps in this thread using Goodreader to unzip the file, and open the resulting .sf2 files extracted. There are some Soundfonts in .sfpack format that are not readily useble, but I think there are things you can do on a PC or Mac to convert them to .sf2.

    Other quick notes:

    • If you have an iPhone and an iPad, I recommend buying Goodreader for iPhone. That way, it can be used on either device (BS-16i is also universal). It's a utility and it really should have been a universal app.
    • I was looking for some good bass options on iOS, and found a GREAT Soundfont for the E-mu Planet Phatt Hip Hop rack synth:
      Actually that whole site has some great resources, and many are already in .sf2 format. Don't let the name scare you, some great bass stuff in there that could work for any type of music (rock, dance, indie, electronica, etc.)

    @JMSexton posted some great resources above, but many have now been moved/deleted. Any idea where I can find the Guitarded and Orchestrated SF's he referenced above? No luck on the Google. Thanks!

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