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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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These are mostly high quality soundfonts (*.sf2) compatible with BS-16i and a few other apps. These are currently compressed (rar), but don't worry the entire process can still be done on an iPad only. Simply download the files you would like from Dropbox, then "Open In..." an app like GoodReader, extract (unzip) the file exposing the .sf2 file, then "Open In..." BS-16i or a compatible program. The process can be simpler if you copy the download link and paste it into GoodReader's download manager, this eliminates use of a browser and a few steps.

Please note and credit the makers of Evanessence 2 (KVR forum) and Saint James Orchestra (and a few unknowns) for these high quality instruments and Viena SoundFont Editor for a great program. I simply took the best and most desirable files and compiled them into a few separate soundfonts. As with anything there may be a few "duds" but most should be great. Enjoy!

String & Brass (193/341mb)
Brass & Strings Revised (168/297mb)

Piano & Organ (86/273mb)

Guitar & Bass (121/271mb)

Drums (70/199mb)

Worldwide (12/25mb)

Roland SC-55 (15/25mb)

Roland SC-55 is a great all-around soundfont only 25 mb and has a ton of instruments loaded with quality and variety

Guitarded & Orchestrated 44mb & 40mb

This is two separate soundfonts zipped into one file. Guitarded is a lot of guitars and is 44mb and Orchestrated is a ton of pretty good (mostly Saint James Orchestra) orchestra instruments. Both have a small memory footprint.

Viena SoundFont Editor

Size doesn't always matter with soundfonts (haha); Roland SC-55, Guitarded, and Orchestrated all take up minimal space while providing great quality and variety. Let me know if you have any issues with files, links, etc...Profit!




  • Jarrett, you're a star! Not all of these would unarchive in goodreader. I couldn't get the drums or brass and strings for instance. However, I managed to get the roland, orchestrated and guitarted on the bs-16i and I am one happy bunny. Thanks!

  • Thank you so much for your contribution!
    Orchestra sounds are always welcome ,at least for me.I have NOTION but that's not on the

  • edited July 2013

    Thanks! I've not even looked at soundfonts since the Soundblaster Awe and their horrible GM sound banks era. Also, Yamaha and Roland really scared me away with their GM (and other sf sounds) stuff. But hearing things like Gestrument, and seing that soundfonts still seems to be alive and kickin, so to speak, I'm thinking about buying bs16 and try a few sf banks. Is b16 the only alternative or are there other sf sampler/players on the AppStore to check out?

  • @PaulB - I just found out how to unload the 4 the slots in BS-16i. When you go in to load a SF, if you're in your own folder go back to "Documents" where it lists Inobx, Scenes, User SoundFonts, and the General User SF....just below that is the ability to clear

  • I wish ThumbJam would support has been my open request for a long time :-)
    Its a convenient and familiar interface and I hope Jesse can work the magic to support the smooth glides and in-between note intervals...

  • Which other apps would support this?

  • @thepinkelefant ...Couldn't you use Thumbjam's interface to control another apps SF's via virtualMidi?

  • It would be great if other apps such as Musix Pro, Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer, Chordion, TNR-i, Geo, Orphion, etc. would support SoundFonts.

    That would open up a bit more creativity I think.

  • Or just google soundfont +ios.

  • Apps that I know support SoundFonts are BS-16i & Gestrument. There are several apps that show up under "Open In..." (ones I have installed) Samplewiz, Magellan, Galileo, Nave, Yellofier, Loopy, AmpKit, AudioShare, and AudioMastering. Not sure what type of support or how they're implemented.

  • Awesome, thanks guys!

  • After further investigation a lot of those apps don't actually use them, they made load them but you don't have access to or see them which means they take up space for no reason, others attempted to load it and gave an error saying "unable to load audio file", so they see it as an audio file.

    Just got a cool idea for Gestrument... It'd be cool to put together a soundfont (like Orchestrated) with select different types of instruments like Piano, Guitar, and Bass and see what it comes up with. It's a really cool app!

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    I imported the Orchestrated and Guitarded SFs into Gestrument. It was sooo easy. "Opened in" from Goodreader. :)

  • Would love to hear what everyone thinks!

  • Checked out Guitarded in Gestrument. I can see a lot of potential depending on how Gestrument is config'd. I've played around with a few SFs before and the quality does vary, but there are some very good ones that I've heard. I can't really comment on your's @JMSexton, since I've only listened to Guitarded and that was through the iPad speaker, but I do appreciate what you've done in sharing these!

  • Yeah great work @JMSexton I installed the Roland and Guit & Orch, to both BS-16i and Gestrument. Works and sounds great. Cheers :)

  • I would love to see a video about this , step by step :-)

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    Imported Strings & Brass, Guitarded and Orchestrated into BS-16i via iTunes. Works great and sounds nice. Thank you!

  • @JMSexton,

    What's the situation with the copyright on these soundfonts? Do you own them yourself?

  • edited July 2013

    If I remember correctly, the Evanessence 2 bank is royalty free, free to use however you want and so on (and the presets/bank are under some free-share thing). Just put that into google and the first links should take you to the creators KVR forum thread with all the info.

  • Its as ChrisG said or I wouldn't have posted them

  • Quick Question @JMSexton..... whats the difference in the revised version of the string & brass file. I see the name is also reversed, is it a different file altogether? cheers

  • No just reduced file size meaning some instruments removed

  • I'm still having problems with soundfile load errors with the revised version. I'll try to work out how to use Viena

  • pretty simple Mostly drag and drop. not sure why it won't work for you does it Unzip fine

  • Yes, everything fine up to the bs-16 load. I even had it loaded the first time I tried it, but unloaded it to try one of the others and couldn't load it again.

  • Hmm try closing all apps and soft-reboot, also try clearing all the slots except the one you're using

  • Yep. That trick did. Thanks!

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