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Feature request : lock audiobus on live set !

edited May 2016 in Feature Wishlists


While I've loaded everything properly into AB, I would like to have a lock feature.
This could prevent a bad swipe left that result to create a new preset...
During a live, you're a swipe away from killing everything !!!
It could be a lock on top right (after the file icon) that you could just lock/unlock by clicking on it.
By default it would be unlock (normal usage) but in live, you might want to lock it...

Hope this is clear and useful for all :)
Thanks !


  • Good idea

  • That's what a solid use case looks like. I don't play live anymore but I felt that fear! +1

  • Never accidently closed a route but had a few near misses.


  • Good idea - though for me, once Audiobus is set up, I have no reason to keep it open during a live gig.

  • Let's say you're preparing a live set, you go back often to AB to open synths to prepare your patches, you might doing the mistake.
    Also, imagine more during the live : a synth crash, you nervously goes to AB to open it again, but still in error, (argh, pressure +2)so you go back on home screen, kill properly the app, goes back to AB, then for no reason (pressure +3, 10 people in the room eyes on you waiting for the bass) ...swipe left : no sounds. :blush:
    Then you burn your Ipad, but nobody thinks your Jimi Hendrix :D

  • @rad3d said:
    Good idea - though for me, once Audiobus is set up, I have no reason to keep it open during a live gig.

    I only scroll through presets so little chance of a swipe accident, but I'd love to leave it completely in the background by moving through presets via MIDI.

  • I did it again...No saving of the current AUM (with all pans, filters, midi assigned...), didn't saved the current AB patch I was working on...
    Blocs wave crash and some other plugins also...
    Everything taking ages to reload (it took almost 3 very long minutes, imagine in live...)

    Just because of a swipe left... :neutral:

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