How easy will the audiobus sdk be for novices

Hello guys audiobus is fantastic, I was thinking of something along the lines of this myself, but don't have the programming prowess as a novice programmer. I was wondering though how easy will the audiobus sdk be to use when it's finally released. (can't wait to get my hands on it) I have very little programming experience except doing bits of console logging I've just started with Xcode 4.5 and have followed some tutorials to bring me up to speed with ios development will audiobus encompass most of the core audio stuff or will we still have to learn core audio to make full use of its audio system. I plan for some of my apps to support audio bus. a lil heads up or even a screen shot of a few functions/methods so we can get an idea of what were dealing with as developers, especially novices like me. basically what I'm trying to say is will audiobus sdk be as scary as hell or will it be easy enough for a novice to wrap their heads around.....


  • It's probably best to ask some developers who have already implemented it.

  • I reckon making a music app would be harder ;P

  • I doubt it would be harder with audiobus I'm just curious as to how user friendly it is to implement by a freshie :)

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    Well, the hard part in making a good music app won't be coding the support for audiobus! The SDK is very easy to use, but you still need to learn coding audio apps first. The audiobus SDK just makes it simple to integrate it with your existing audio code.

    For learning the basic low-level audio stuff, take a look at all related documents that comes with XCode. For example "Audio Unit Hosting Guide for iOS", and example projects such as "aurioTouch2".

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