PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.


Is anyone still able to use this application? (Loopseque) There hasn't been an update in over a year and the comments on the App Store tend to be more than a year old. It was one of my favorite music apps and I haven't been able to use it for almost a year because it no longer functions. I've tried it on the last four iterations of iOS software and it won't even open. I've spent more than 10 bucks on this application including in app purchases and the developers will not respond to any correspondence of any type. Anyone having any luck with this app?


  • Loopseque mini's playing ...

  • It works for me on an ipad 3 with 9.3.1.

  • Loopseque (after crashing the first time loading) works for me on iPad Air 1 with iOS 9.3.1. Same behavior for Loopseque Mini on my iPhone 6 with iOS 9.3.1.

  • Works fine for me (Air 1/latest). A very musical simple man's sector/patterning that I enjoyed but never returned to. I notice their store is 'unavailable' so maybe the coop has been flown....

  • Does it work now ? Still no updates ...Can it be used as midi sequencer ?

  • @grego68 said:
    Does it work now ? Still no updates ...Can it be used as midi sequencer ?

    Just tried with iSem linked midi, does work, but was only a quick test. Tested on the iPad 4 though.

  • works on an Air-2 (9.3.2)
    Main flaw is portrait mode only, but aside from that it's a great app for both midi and (own) sample content.
    The Dropbox link is broken for DB's interface change, but you can just paste from the clipboard (tap-hold on the right section full color sectors where samples are assigned)

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