Audio Mixer within AB

So you have several different apps as inputs to AB.
And each has it's own nominal volume levels, and you could jump between apps and adjust each one in the app.


You could just set them all to max, and then click the "mixer" tab in AudioBus, and just level everything out right there.
And if those mixer faders were able to be controlled by midi CC, that would be even sweeter.

To me this would take this app to a whole new level of playability in live environments.

Right now I'm trying to find a workaround using the mixer in BS-16i, but that limits me to only using that one app.
I'd much rather have access to more apps on the fly.


  • If you are using the mixer in BS-16i, using a controller, then you are already mapping those CC #s to CC #7 on each channel. This should also work for the multiple apps setup too. If you do not have the mapping yet, then you need MidiBridge, if your controller only sends out on a single channel for all sliders, and either is not configurable or is a hassle to configure. I'm doing that with a Korg nanoKONTROL2. Or you could use one of the DAWs. But they add a CPU load that can impact your selection of synths.

    I'm not sure AB is the place for a mixer function. Mixing is not a simple function that works and sounds the same for all implementations (I've been writing mixer functions for some years now). Putting one in AB would both limit and complicate AB; I would rather AB allowed the filter slot to see all Input signals and then see a marketplace for lightweight live play filter slot mixers / effects racks. Or insert a live mix slot between Input and Filter (Reason-style) with an AB tab slide-out fader panel for the installed mixer avilable in all AB Apps. And support higher sample rates and widths.

    Whatever, a 'simple' live mix function is somehing I've seen several requests for, including my own. If I were a iOS programmer I would write one myself. (hmmm:)

  • In another thread ( I am trying to figure out how to do that very thing with my Axiom-61 keyboard.
    I am not sure if I can assign different channels to individual faders or not. But if, not I am also pursuing a midibridge solution.

    I'm up for a 3rd party mixer app in the filter slot of AB, whatever works. That might be simpler, and then even give more options, because you could use whatever mixer you prefer (once they are developed.)

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